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Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 UFL Cup preview: Q&A with Nomads coach Mick Denison

This appears in the Monday, October 1, 2012 edition of the Business Mirror.

Q&A with Nomads coach Mick Denison
by rick olivares

UFL: How does Nomads look into the new season?

Coach Mick: We have a very strong squad when everyone is available due to work commitments.

UFL: What changed in the offseason?

Coach Mick: Randy has stepped down as his wife is pregnant. He’s still captain but Nichi Severino is now my right hand man plus Paul Hynes is now assistant.

UFL: Does the club have enough funds now to sign players and compete?

Coach Mick: At the moment no we do not have money to compete. I am working on a sponsorship deal for the UFL league. Too late for the Cup. Our lads who do not work are basically getting minimal expenses for training and games.  

UFL: The UFL just got a whole lot more competitive with the promotion of Pachanga and their subsequent merger with Diliman. Has Nomads ever discussed as a team about staying in Division One and not wanting to move down?

Coach Mick: We will be OK. Similar to last year. 5th is excellent for us. We should not be in the bottom 3. We have a friendly versus Pachanga at Nomads on Sunday at 4pm.

UFL: Who are the new players and where did they come from?

Coach Mick: The two Fil-Brits Aaron De Rama and Jason Arroyo turned up for try outs and are very good players. They will be big assets for us. I want to give them contracts if we get a sponsor. John Atangana is still very raw from the 2nd team but has a lot of promise and I expect him to play well this year. He is a very nice lad and I like him very much. Mikael Carduso came from the 2nd team too, he can play football and I like him. The other new lads are very much an unknown at the moment as we have struggled to train because of the rain and pitch closure.

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