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Friday, September 14, 2012

I think we need to make boxing & MMA an official UAAP sport. On yesterday's incident between Nico Salva's dad and FEU coach Ronald Magtulis

Remember a few years ago when Studio 23’s theme for the UAAP was “ma-drama”. And it seems that every year, there is drama in the UAAP outside the courts, fields, and gyms where athletes compete. And every year, there is some fuss over the rules and laws. I really think that the UAAP should once and for all fix those rules and let a commissioner or whoever run the damn league. It really is funny when you have these board members squabbling amongst themselves when they themselves are educators. What the hell are you teaching your students? Furthermore, what is wrong with some people?

I was at the media room of the Philsports Arena during the halftime break of the Ateneo-NU game when we all heard some shouting and expletives. A few of us rushed out to check on what was going on.

All I saw was someone being hustled out of the tunnel that leads to the media and locker rooms. I asked around and it turned out that there was a confrontation between Mando Salva, father of Ateneo Blue Eagle Nico Salva, and FEU assistant coach Ronald Magtulis.

According to those who saw what had happened, Magtulis said a few things to Nico when the Blue Eagles were making their way in for their warm ups. Someone informed Mr. Salva of what happened and during the halftime break, he saw Magtulis in the tunnel and decided to ask him what his problem was. Harsh words were quickly exchanged and security had to hustle out Magtulis who from the outside was challenging Mr. Salva to a fight.

It’s an unfortunate incident and I really don’t want to rag on FEU but what the F is wrong with you guys? During their match with UP, it looks like two of their players, Rey Mark Belo and Arvie Bringas swung their hands (now whether that was a closed fist or not I will leave to the commissioner).

This has got to be really insane. It’s one thing for players to get into fights but the coach?

After the FEU-UP game, Tams head coach lamented the extra motions of Bringas that may or may not bring another sanction. “Ewan ko ba,” muttered the nonplused coach. “Siguro dapat siyang ipasok sa WWE or UFC.”

Now another thing is the three-pointer that the referees counted at the end of the third quarter. National U’s Jeff Javillionar tossed up a desperation three that swished right through. The table officials said it should have not counted but the refs still did. And they reviewed the tape that showed it not to be? What gives?


Here are my thoughts on yesterday's Ateneo-NU game. Please take not that my "five" series are from an Ateneo point of view and not anything else.

Read also my thoughts on the last Ateneo-FEU match that saw the beginnings of this "fight/feud". 


  1. That settles it. Given that their actions were given the imprimatur by their coaching staff, they're officially called the Thug-araws to me.

  2. Yup! Saw the UP -FEU game! It sure was an ugly one particularly how hot-headed some Tams were i.e. ABringas, Belo , Mendoza , . Seems they would like to wrestle, box or hit rather than play basketball! Childish behavior and now we hear about the coach challenging Salva's dad to fight? What's this? Pity....

  3. That "showbiz" response (playing it safe) to the yet again inconclusive trey of Javillonar by the commissioner and the refs was a by-product of them being turned into lameducks by the Board; it was a cautious, indecisive handling of the situation lest a protest is filed yet again by NU.

    See now the ugly effect of the whole sordid business of the board overturning a Commissioner's ruling?

    Just a hypothetical question here: just what if Ateneo lost by 2 points? It definitely has all the right to file a protest on the 'counting' of that trey, as the slow motion video is inconclusive? And just say if and when the commissioner upholds the basket being counted, Ateneo is well within its right too to elevate it to the board. Am I right?

    See what NU, then the board did? Basketball is best played and won on the court and not know the cliche.

  4. Steph Sy: Coach Eric said "Di pa tapos and laban. Bilog ang bola. The game isn't over until the final buzzer."

    When I heard it, I couldn't help laughing inside. In NU's case, "hindi pa tapos and laban. The game isn't over until the board makes a ruling."^^

  5. At least now we know who encourages the thug-like tactics of some FEU players.