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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Some thoughts on Game Two between BMeg and Ginebra

Some thoughts on Game Two between BMeg vs. Ginebra
by rick olivares pics by brosi g.

Watching Game Two between BMeg and Ginebra, I want to point out two plays that I feel are endemic of the way both squads played – BMeg very conscious of execution while Ginebra seemed to be out of synch.

The first is at the 3:32 mark of the first quarter. Ginebra import Jackson Vroman was slow in getting back on defense as he remained in the backcourt. The man he was guarding, Marc Pingris, slipped in the lane where BMeg point guard Josh Urbiztondo found him with a zip inside for a bucket, 19-14.

As excited as I was about Ginebra tabbing Vroman, who mightily impressed during various FIBA tournaments, I wondered how they would play him. Unfortunately, Ginebra has him playing center. Not his strength at all. He is at best a three where he can shoot and run. Instead, more often than not, he’s the last man out to the races. Hence, his erratic performances. And Ginebra is what – 5-4 with him in the lineup.

Furthermore, I think he gets bothered with all the physical guarding. How many times did he get hit? That coupled with his cramps (so I wonder about his conditioning) hurt Ginebra last night. I don’t think it helped that Siot Tanquincen’s substitution was haphazard as it seemed every other few minutes he was replacing people on the floor. The only constant was Mike Cortez who worked the two-man game well with Vroman and KG Canaleta. Interestingly, these three players were the only ones who finished in double figures.

The second is a turnover at the two-minute mark of the fourth period where Gin King Rudy Hatfield tried to set a pick for Cortez who was being shadowed by PJ Simon. The Ginebra teammates got entangled and Simon had the second easiest basket of the night as he scooted away for a layup that broke a 75-all deadlock.

Turnovers. Ginebra forced BMeg into 19 of them but got a measly nine points! Conversely, BMeg harassed the Kings to 16 TOs (three less than their own) but they managed four more points with 13.

Looking at the stats, the Llamados had 37 defensive boards to the Kings’ 27. They also had more steals and blocks 6-5 and 6-5 respectively. Pingris' block on Dylan Ababou in the endgame was huge! BMeg also had three less fouls with attempts to Ginebra 11-14.

There’s something I am working on and it entails gathering more data. Hopefully, soon I’ll get to put something to test. It’s hard trying to get a much data as I can during a game when I not only look at the play but also their strategies. Will see what I can do for the match on Sunday.

You never want to give opponents ammunition that they can use against you. Tim Cone has been around for quite some time. You know… 13 PBA titles as head coach and is one win away from his 24th finals appearance. When asked if the semi-finals series with Barangay Ginebra is over, Cone, the Master of the triangle and modesty groped for the right words, “Me of all people to say that is over? Do I think it’s over? Uh, you know I told the players that it takes a special effort to get up 2-0. Normally it’s 1-1, 2-2 and there’s a reason for that because the team is adjusting to the team that won. If you’re reacting, you’re the aggressor that means you know what to do.”

Am working on some technical stuff here and hopefully in the next game I can finally put that theory to test. Here's me with Coach Tim discussing that.

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