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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cutillas airs side over his leaving Kaya

Cutillas airs side over his leaving Kaya
by rick olivares

After more than 30 years of coaching football, Dr. Juan Cutillas says that after resigning from Kaya over disagreements with management over certain matters, it’s time to finally enjoy the finer things in life.

The Spanish coach, who has made the Philippines his home since arriving in the 1970s, resigned from Kaya last Sunday over what he felt was management interfering with his job. Cutillas was content not to talk about matters but following a report that a Kaya insider divulged that he was fired in the wake of the team’s embarrassing 5-1 loss to Global last Saturday, he had to say his piece. “Some ethics are lacking here in some people,” said an angry Cutillas. “I could have come out in public and given the details but out of deference to the team owners who I greatly respect, I stayed quiet. How will that help Kaya? It will make matters worse. And now there is this ‘reliable team source’ who says I was sacked? It was never my intention to go public with this, but I have to keep my integrity.  I will not allow anybody to put doubt on my integrity with false and malicious information.”

Cutillas was referring to published reports where an unnamed source from Kaya said that he was fired following the loss to Global. Kaya is currently in third place with a game at hand and one point behind erstwhile league leader Loyola (with 19 points) that was held to a 3-3 draw with Air Force also during last Saturday’s doubleheader. Kaya’s final assignment of the first round is with Stallion that currently totes a 4-2-1 record.

“I resigned because I disagreed with some matters that are internal issues. It did not have anything to do with the loss to Global,” clarified Cutillas. “The loss was terrible. Terrible, I tell you. But like Global, we have only two losses. The tournament is not even halfway finished. However, some things are not negotiable. Whoever that ‘reliable source’ from Kaya is who said I was sacked is a not only a coward but he is also a liar.”

During a lunch we had a few months ago, Cutillas mentioned to me that he was thinking of calling it quits at the end of the league tournament. “For me to be there for the cup competition, I really have to think about that. I am not getting younger in my years.”

Some Kaya players are reportedly unhappy over their coach’s decision to call it quits. And despite some their pleas for the former Philippine National Head Coach and Atletico Madrid player to continue his duties with Kaya, Cutillas thinks that the die has been cast. “I have given much of my life to the game. I didn’t think it would be over this yet. But you see my wife, she gets worried about me. At my age, I shouldn’t take the game too seriously she says. I am too serious about it. She gets worried when I am bothered about a loss or when there are some concerns.”

“Now I have a chance to visit Spain again. Time to enjoy my social life. I can watch the UFL games on the stands and cheer for Kaya. I only wish them the best.”

Taking Cutillas’ place is his assistant Kale Alvarez. “I’m only here as ‘interim coach’,” said the former University of the Philippines player who won a UAAP title during the 2000-01 season with Andres Gonzales (now playing with Loyola) and Ariel Zerrudo (now playing for Diliman in Division Two). Alvarez was most recently the trainer for the Ateneo Blue Eagles when they won the third of their four straight UAAP Men’s Basketball titles. Alvarez’ younger brother, Kurt, who plays for the Ateneo Men’s Football Team, was recently picked up by Kaya during the March transfer window.   

“I wish Kale all the best,” added Cutillas. “Is this the end for me and Philippine football? Maybe. At the most now, I can serve in an advisory position but that is it. But I will always be there in the stands cheering. It is a good time to be a fan, eh?”


My take: Some people should really park their egos and get their shit together. 


  1. gracias, senor!!!
    you're one of the better minds that ever graced Phil. football!!

  2. Thank you Coach for your enormous contribution to Philippine Football. Yes probably its time to sit back and relax and do the things you never got a chance to do -------------------you deserve only the best.