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Monday, March 5, 2012

What a downer (and that leaves Liverpool 10 points adrift)

What a downer (and that leaves Liverpool 10 points adrift)
by rick olivares
photo from the liverpool echo

I was sorely disappointed with the 2-1 loss by Liverpool to Arsenal. Coming off that Carling Cup win, I was hoping that they could translate that into a win and march on to fourth spot in the Premier League.

It has been a tough season as the Reds have had skipper Steven Gerrard, midfielder Lucas Lieva (after finally coming on strong last season), and striker Luis Suarez out for extended periods. And for this fixture, they were without defenders Daniel Agger and Glen Johnson. But still, they have not been defeated in Anfield. While the Ws have been few there have been a lot of draws at home (including a stinging 1-1 with Manchester United as Chicharito scored a late equalizer). Only now, there’s this loss. A painful teeth-gnashing one.

The strange thing is, LFC dominated the game and had several chances to score but Arsenal capitalized on the few chances afforded them. And Rob van Persie proved once more to be the true heir to the force that was Thierry Henry during the Gunners’ last hold on to glory.

Liverpool had a bunch of nifty crosses and sorties but there were instances when there was no support for Luis Suarez up front. They owned the midfield with a 4-5-1 formation and repeatedly took away the Gunners’ scoring chances. As dominant as they were with possession, the finishing left much to be desired.

When Suarez was taken down inside the box (and I thought that he sold that call pretty well), and Dirk Kuyt, in the midst of a horrible season (one goal and one assist in 23 games) took the penalty – which he missed including the rebound play – you can say that it was instant karma.

The lone goal of Liverpool was an own goal from Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny after he tried to block a long volley from Jordan Henderson. Rob van Persie aside, Arsenal’s win was largely determined by the stellar play of Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. And that of the late entry of Craig Bellamy and Andy Carroll to do anything significant (what was that all about, King).

The 2-1 loss leaves them 10 points adrift of Arsenal, now ensconced at fourth, with 12 more games to play.

It has been tough since 1991. Real tough. You always think that it’s next year. But somehow it never is.

The Carling Cup is there and there’s the FA Cup sixth round match with Stoke City on March 17. To hoist that cup will be huge. But the Reds can make it sort of a “treble” celebration if they are able to march back to the top four and you know that means a slot in Champions League play.

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