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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vote for your UFL Starting XI and win a cool UFL t-shirt!

Vote for your UFL Starting XI and win a cool UFL t-shirt!

My informal survey about the best goalkeeper in the UFL generated a lot of response and interest. So we’re expanding it. And while we’re at it, we’d like to propose to the UFL that there be an All-Star Game with voting from the coaches, players, media, and the fans. Now whom they play is altogether another question. Maybe a visiting club – club ha, not a national team.

So email your best starting eleven – two forwards, four midfielders, four defenders, one goalkeeper, head coach, and five subs (reserves). We will draw from the list five fans who will win a UFL t-shirt. Howzat?

So here’s a partial list. In case, I missed anyone, please add na lang.

Joo Young Lee (Stallion), Ruben Doctora Jr. (Stallion), Phil Younghusband (Loyola) Mark Hartmann (Loyola), Eric Dagroh (Kaya), Nate Burkey (Kaya), Izzo El-Habbib (Global), Misagh Bahadoran (Global), Floriano Pasilan Jr. (Green Archers), Arnie Pasinabo Jr. (Green Archers), Steve Borrill (Nomads), Phil Connolly (Nomads), Ian Araneta (Air Force), Yanti Barsales (Air Force), Luisito Brilliantes (Army), Relan Bretaña (Army), Marlon Piñero (Navy), Vaughn Melendrez (Navy), Dieter Vangrunderbeek (Pasargad).

James Younghusband (Loyola), Jake Morallo (Loyola), Bo Bae Park (Stallion), Antonio Albor Jr. (Stallion), Lexton Moy (Kaya), Masa Omura (Kaya), William Guerridon (Global), Angel Guirado (Global), Roel Gener (Army), Nestor Margarse Jr. (Army), Emelio Caligdong (Air Force), Jeruzel Tonog (Air Force), Jeffrey Liman (Navy), Roberto Cabural (Navy), Nikko Villa (Green Archers), Gerald Pacquiao (Green Archers), Alastair McCready (Nomads), Sam Fogg (Nomads).

Yong Jae Pi (Stallion), Jake Hugo (Stallion), Pat Ozaeta (Loyola), Roxy Dorlas (Loyola), Anton del Rosario (Kaya), Jason Sabio (Kaya), Jerry Barbaso (Global), David Basa (Global), Martin Doctora (Air Force), Jalor Soriano (Air Force), Randy Musters (Nomads), Daniel Williams (Nomads), Jun Mark Saraga (Green Archers), Arvin Jay Soliman (Green Archers), Loreto Kalalang (Navy), John Cain (Army), Mansour Mahdadi (Pasargad).

Wilson Muñoz (Stallion), Ref Cuaresma (Loyola), Saba Garmaroudi (Kaya), Paolo Pascual (Global), Tommy Talipan (Navy) Ed Sacapaño (Army), Tats Mercado (Air Force), Martin Villaflor (Green Archers), Jeff Blake (Nomads), and Abdollah Golkhah (Pasargad).

Ernie Nierras (Stallion), Kim Chul So (Loyola), Juan Cutillas (Kaya), Graeme MacKinnon (Global), Marlon Maro (Navy), Mick Dennison (Nomads), Sgt. Edzel Bracamonte (UST), Adolfo Alicante (Green Archers United), Joel Villarin (Pasargad), Maj. Pat Bumidang (Army)

Again… by no means is this a comprehensive list. At the risk of looking and reading like an All-Kaya list, I did not list Jonas Romero and Adrian Semblat or even Global’s Val Kama or Carli de Murga. BUT YOU MAY VOTE FOR THEM! The point is – submit your best starting eleven. And let’s not make this a popularity contest, okay? Let this be on merit, skill, and current performance.

So email to your UFL Starting XI and get a chance to win cool UFL t-shirts. Voting ends by the end of February 2012. This is a joint promo between Bleachers' Brew and friends from the UFL.


  1. My All-UFL Starting XI:
    Forwards - Joo Young Lee (Stallion), Phil Younghusband (Loyola);
    MIDFIELDERS - James Younghusband (Loyola), Emelio Caligdong (Air Force), Angel Guirado (Global), Bo Bae Park (Stallion);
    DEFENDERS - Anton del Rosario (Kaya), Jason Sabio (Kaya), Jerry Barbaso (Global), Valentine Kama (Global);
    GOALKEEPER - Abdollah Golkhah (Pasargad);
    For a complete list of players for each team, go the official UFL website:

  2. My UFL Starting 11:
    Forwards:Joo Young Lee,Joshua Beloya
    Midfielders:Jovani Simpron,James Younghusband,Lexton Moy,Antonio Albor Jr.
    Defenders:Bervic Italia,Jake Hugo,Martin Doctora,Jerry Barbaso
    Goalkeeper:Abdollah Golkah

    Coach:Adolfo Alicante

  3. My UFL Starting XI

    Coach: Graeme MacKinnon (Global)
    Goalkeeper: Paolo Pascual (Global)
    Forwards: Phil Younghusband (Loyola), Misagh Bahadoran (Global)
    Midfielders: James Younghusband (Loyola), Angel Guirado (Global), Emelio Caligdong (Air Force), Masa Omura (Kaya)
    Defenders: Roxy Dorlas (Loyola), Anton del Rosario (Kaya), Jason Sabio (Kaya), Jerry Barbaso (Global)

  4. My UFL Starting 11:
    Forwards: Phil Younghusband (Loyola), Misagh Bahadoran (Global)
    Midfielders:James Younghusband (Loyola), Angel Guirado (Global), Emelio Caligdong (Air Force), Carli De Murga (Global) Defenders:Anton del Rosario (Kaya), Jason Sabio (Kaya), Jerry Barbaso (Global), Roxy Dorlas (Loyola)
    Goalkeeper:Paolo Pascual
    Coach:Graeme MacKinnon

  5. I would play a 4-3-3 which will turn into a 2-5-3 on attack (I also moved some players around)

    FWD: Phil Younghusband (LW), Joshua Beloya (STK), AK Alu (RW)
    MID: Mark Hartmann (LAM), Izzo El Habbib (CAM), James Younghusband (RAM)
    DEF: Lexton Moy (LWB), Jason Sabio (LCB), Aly Borromeo (RCB), Anton Del Rosario (RWB)

    Coach: Cuto

  6. GK: Paolo Pascual

    Defenders: Jerry Barbaso, Jason Sabio, Martin Doctora, Anton Del Rosario

    Midfield: Chieffy Caligdong, Nestorio Margarse Jr, Roel Gener, William Gueridonn

    Forward: Joshua Beloya, Ruben Doctora Jr.

  7. My UFL Starting 11

    FWD: Eric Dagroh (Kaya FC), Nate Burkey (Kaya FC)
    MID: Emilio Caligdong (PAF Phoenix FC), Lexton Moy (Kaya FC), Masa Omura (Kaya FC), Jonas Romero (Kaya FC)
    DEF: Anton Del Rosario (Kaya FC), Adrian Semblat (Kaya FC), Martin Doctora(PAF Phoenix FC), Jalor Soriano (PAF Phoenix FC)
    GK: Saba Garmaroudi (Kaya FC)


    FWD: Joo Young Lee (Stallion), Ruben Doctora Jr. (Stallion) Alu kigbu (kaya fc)

    MID: Lexton moy (kaya FC ) , jake morallo (loyola), Jonas Romero (kaya fc)

    DEF: Adrian Semblat (kaya fc), martin doctora (air force), David basa (Global) barbaso (global)

    GK : Saba Garmaroudi (kaya fc)


    coach: cuto

  9. Francis Louie C. BorjaFebruary 21, 2012 at 10:19 PM


    Forwards: Phil Younghusband (Loyola) , Mark Hartmann (Loyola)

    Midfielders: James Younghusband , Lexton Moy (Kaya) , Angel Guirado (Global) , Emilio Caligdong (Air Force)

    Defenders: Roxy Dorlas (Loyola) , Anton del Rosario (Kaya) , Jason Sabio (Kaya), Jerry Barbaso (Global)

    Goalkeeper: Paolo Pascual (Gobal)

    Coach: Kim Chul So (Loyola)

    Subs: Joshua Beloya (Kaya) , Nate Burkey (Kaya) , Misagh Bahadoran (Global) , Ian Araneta (Air Force) , Carli de Murga (Global)

  10. UFL Starting 11

    Forwards: Phil Younghusband (Loyola), Jovanie Simpron (Stallions) Emilio Caligdong (Air Force)

    Midfield: Bo Bae Park (Stallions) Carli De Murga (Global) James Younghusband (Loyola)

    Defenders: Anton Del Rosario (Kaya) Pat Ozaeta (Loyola) Ali Borromeo (Kaya) Arvin Jay Soliman (Green Archers)

    Goalkeeper: Saba Garmaroudi (Kaya)

    Coach: Marlon Maro (Navy)