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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bacolod Diary November 17, 2011 Pachanga FC Training Camp Day 4

Day 4 of Pachanga FC's training camp in Bacolod City as part of their preparations for the knockout stages of the ongoing UFL Cup. With Panaad unavailable, the team has been practicing at Northfield which is 15-minute drive from the hotel. This is the practice facility of Ceres teams. Today's agenda was working on tactics. Even with three players missing (Shirmar Felongco, Neckson Leonora, (the two will arrive Friday) and Aldwin Riedler (who will be out for a while as he is getting married), the coaching staff is happy for the camp. With six players based in Bacolod, it is always tough for the remaining team to practice in Manila. 

The team goes through two-a-days. After the morning session, the players have to go through some stretching exercises and while the players were in pain and tired (many of us slept all the way past lunch), a hilarious time was had by all given the one-liners of the players.

Cross Ubiam: (voice obviously in pain) Gino, are you okay?
Gino Palomo: No! (laughter breaks out among team).
Alu Kigbu: What's the word -- sakit!!! (more laughter)
Cross: Aray!

The picture above and below this was taken from the morning session. I didn't take pictures anymore as I was really bothered by a migraine attack. The afternoon session was still held at the same place. Tomorrow the team will have a practice game against a Ceres Selection. Coach Alvin asked me to join the practice but I didn't have any gear with me. Next time I will but first, I have to lose weight and earnestly get in shape. Training will not get you in shape. It's the other way around -- get in shape first then join the training.

With the PTs Abby and Anna (who I think is also a PT for the DLSU football teams). To reiterate why Pachanga is the "Red Phoenix" -- the team logo is... the Red Phoenix! So there.

Thanks to Freddie Gonzalez (who is in HK at the moment), Jojo Rodriguez, Nonoy Fegidero Jr., Alvin Ocampo, and Kim Versales for making this an enjoyable two-day immersion into what a football club is all about. 

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