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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anton del Rosario as a catalyst for Kaya’s offense

Anton del Rosario as a catalyst for Kaya’s offense
by rick olivares photo by tunying p.

Goalkeeper: Jeff Blake
Defenders: Kristian Joergensen, Daniel Williams, Dominic Mensah, Randy Musters
Midfielders: Michael Schaefer, Alastair McCready, Nick Hacker, Toullec Loic
Forwards: Steve Borrill, Phil Connolly

Forwards: Nate Burkey, Eric Dagroh
Midfielders: Jonahan Romero, Masa Omura, Lexton Moy, Prince Boley
Defenders: Armand del Rosario, Adrian Semblat, Jason Sabio, Anton del Rosario
Goalkeeper: Christopher Camcam

Nomads: formation: 4411
Heading into their quarterfinals match, they had not surrendered a goal. Jeff Blake has kept four clean sheets while Randy Musters and Danny Williams have done a swell job in turning back opposing attacks. The only good competition they faced before Kaya was Pasargad but this Iranian-flavored club has seen better days.

Nomads’ midfield play has been stellar as McCready and company have done a good job in feeding Steve Borrill (five goals) and Phil Connolly (four goals).

While precise in their passing, the one thing this team does not have is speed. Against Kaya, they were going to have to deal with a quicker and more aggressive lineup.

Kaya formation: 442
If there is a team that blows hot and cold then it belongs to Juan Cutillas’ squad. There have been questions surrounding their fitness or even commitment (as some players went to the United States to watch the Manny Pacquiao fight). But in the do or die match against Team Socceroo, Cutillas had to swallow his pride and bring the players he first benched to give his badly disorganized squad a shot in the arm.

Nate Burkey has been a pleasant surprise for this team up front. Lexton Moy has shown pace and skill but sometimes makes questionable decisions on offense. He would display that again in the match against Nomads when he should have passed off to an open Burkey but he chose to take a shot that badly missed.

The right back can find his targets
I have always said that the engine that drives this team is its midfield with Romero, Omura, Moy, and Boley. And there’s the do-it-all Semblat who is a crucial piece in Kaya’s championship puzzle now that Aly Borromeo is out.

However, in their last two matches – against Socceroo and now Nomads, I postulated off cam that Anton del Rosario has been their catalyst on offense.

Kaya vs. Socceroo: when del Rosario entered in the second half against Socceroo, he was not only his usual self on defense but he also facilitated the attack by making the diagonal pass to Burkey for a goal.

Kaya vs. Nomads:

Burkey goal 72nd minute
#1 Del Rosario brings up the ball unchallenged on the right flank. Moy with a lateral move to the left in case DR passes off. Omura runs up the left in case of a long cross. Boley runs up either in anticipation of a forward pass.

#2 Del Rosario races up all the way to the final third. The Kaya forwards look for space inside the box waiting for the cross. Boley sets up just outside in case of a pass. He is also open to pass to the middle where Moy or Mallari wait.

#3 Del Rosario finds space just outside the box to launch a cross. Nomads defender Randy Musters fails to close down Del Rosario and doesn’t even challenge the shot.

#4 The cross is perfect and Burkey scores even as Mensah and Blake tried to block the shot.

Boley goal 85th minute
#1 Del Rosario runs up close to the half line and occupies Moy’s position. He targets Burkey who size up front makes for a good target. The diagonal pass behind the midfield is perfect.

#2 Burkey works his way inside but coming from the left.

#3 Burkey fires inside and Boley finishes it off.

We do not wish to diminish the other efforts of Kaya players. Semblat is actually one player we enjoy watching for his ability to play multiple positions and still remain solid on both defense and offense. Moy has been hot and cold. Romero is a terrifying force in the first half (he tends to fade in the second half). Ruffy Llorente is a supersub on D. Unlike Pachanga central back Yves Ashime who is a rock in the backline, sometimes it is easy to overlook the contributions of Del Rosario. I feel that when he joins the attack, facilitates even, he is every bit as dangerous as those throw-ins for through balls.  

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