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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running with the Bull Runner, Mortons Neuroma, and getting fit

After two weeks of stalling our shoot of Jaymie Pizarro’s preparation for her New York Marathon race this November, we finally pushed through today.

I looked forward to trying to keep pace with someone who is fit and takes part in so many marathons and runs in a year. Wishful thinking. I was there to also film the runs and everything else. I should have learned from my Lapu Lapu Run experience from two years ago – you could do no such thing. Either you run or you film. It’s impossible to do both (I am doing a story on Jaymie's NYC Marathon).

The run began at Woodrose and the 5K run around Ayala Alabang was to end at Gold’s Gym just outside the village. I stayed just behind by about 30 meters as she ran side by side with Ton Gatmaitan who is doing next year’s Ironman triathlon. By the time I got to the country club, pain began to shoot up to the toes of my left foot with every stride. Even during my one year in the college track team or even doing casual running I never felt this pain. I slowed down to a walk. I thought that maybe I had not stretched properly or maybe my Mizunos were the culprit (it wasn’t). After a few minutes, I resumed my run. Within second the pain returned and I thought that I was seeing blue spots. Not wanting to give up, I continued. As I turned right into Acacia Drive, the pain became a little unbearable so I decided to walk instead. Within minutes the pain went away.

I was now far behind Jaymie and Ton. They took Ton’s car to look for me but I was headed for Gold’s Gym. I told them about the pain. It turns out that Jaymie also suffers from the same symptoms. The foot problem is called Mortons Neuroma.

According to the Sports Injury Clinic, Mortons Neuroma occurs when weak arch of a person’s foot that causes the metatarsal bones to pinch the nerve causing it to become inflamed. This is most likely to happen between the 3rd and 4th bones causing a pain or numb sensation on the inside of the two toes that the nerve comes from.

How does one deal with this syndrome? Rest. That’s all. Rest.

Anyways, I’m not saying I have it. It is just possible that I have it. Will try to consult Doc Canlas this weekend coz we’re running again next Tuesday.

Surprisingly, my legs held up. After suffering a basketball injury years ago, I stopped playing. And I began to put on weight because of my inactivity. Recently though, I began to run and walk again and even played seven-a-side football. Time to get back into the thick of things. Jaymie was even inviting me to take part in the next Dream Marathon. It’s tempting. I am just worried about my weight and fitness. But I am serious about getting fit again.

This afternoon, my body is a mass of pain. Ran 2.5-3K then walked about another 3K. Not bad. Am quite happy that I did that. Except when we were done, we went over to officemate Oz Arcilla’s house in Sucat where we had chocolate cake. Darn. Now I have to run/walk again tonight to burn that off.

Now I hope that my feet are okay.

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