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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yes, it’s been almost a month but Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson was awesome.

Since I have been real busy for the past couple of months, I tried not to read too much of the sports news sites like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. I’d read the baseball and football stuff but I stayed away from others like Mixed Martial Arts.

I’ve been a fan of UFC and Strikeforce but have largely been unable to watch the last PPVs. In fact, it was only yesterday where I finally got to watch the match between Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson. Pulled out my DVD of the entire event. I didn’t like some of the undercards but the main event was worth everything. Even if it went only one round.

Honestly, I thought that Henderson wasn’t going to beat Emelianenko. Sure the Last Emperor had lost his last two fights (against Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artists Fabricio Werdum and the acromegaly-striken Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva), but this was where he was supposed to bounce back, right?

But it looks like Silva had hurt him bad to the point that he even contemplated retiring. Once that weighs in your mind, some doubt creeps in. Emelianenko’s only 34 years of age and yet he was going up against Henderson who’s 40 (he’s turning 41 today so Happy B-day, Dangerous Dan!) but has never been knocked out.

I haven’t seen all of Hendo’s fights but I saw those losses to Wanderlei Silva and Antonio Nogueira, the wins versus Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, Michael Bisping, and Renato Sobral.

In the fight against the last Strikeforce, Hendo and Fedor came out trading punches. I think that Emelianenko was somewhat surprised about the pace and I wondered how long could a 40-year old man keep up the frenetic pace. Henderson did hurt Fedor and he back him up against the fence. When the two got out into the pocket, it was Emelianenko’s turn to rock Hendo who fell down to the mat. I thought that this was going to be over as the Russian would pound him with those strikes of his. But in one of the niftiest escapes, Hendo got around and suddenly he was on top of Fedor. Hendo hit him with the uppercut that floored the Russian. Some strikes here and Dean stopped the fight.

I thought that it was a little premature and maybe it should have been allowed a few more seconds to see where it would go? Could Fedor have escaped? Or would have Dan closed up that injured eye of his?

Hard to say but at 4:12, the fight was over but that was one of the best first rounds ever in MMA history.

Not sure about Fedor but like what Hendo said, I’d sure like to see him fight some more. After all, he’s only 34. But those three consecutive loses have to weigh heavily in his mind.

Missed MMA. Will try not to miss it again.

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