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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does Mark Yee like it and other mixed nuts moments

After Asi Taulava went after a Malaysian basketball player for taking a shot at his balls, I had to wonder if all this anal and ballsy stuff has become an epidemic.

I recall about two years ago, FEU Tamaraw Jens Knuttel said hello (bwahaha) to his former high school teammate Mark Lopez who at that time was playing for the UP Maroons.

Then in the second round match up between the San Beda Red Lions and San Sebastian Stags, Sudan Daniel was grabbed down low by Gilbert Bulawan. I was seated at the baseline of the basket with Abante’s Mark Escarlote and heard the following transpire as Daniel looked to the referee for a call or whatever.
Bulawan (looking at Daniel in the eye): Do you like it?
Daniel: Damn!

So that has become a media room joke among us.

So in the latest installment of “Do you like it” Mark Yee wanted to check Anthony Grundy’s prostate and Asi Taulava went ballistic and did a Pacquiao on Yoong Jing Kwaan.

The tough thing for Mark Yee is that unless he scores 100 points in a game of wins an MVP Award, he’ll be remembered for this moment. Bwahaha.

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