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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ateneo Football League (AFL) Revised Official Rules & Regulations for 2011 tournament

Ateneo Football League
Official Rules & Regulations
Summer 2011

 Section I. Representation
·      The Ateneo Football League (AFL) is a friendly get-together competition organized by Real Sports Authority (RSA) and Rick Olivares (RO) designed to foster camaraderie and growth through football.
·      The AFL is organized by RSA & RO under the patronage of the Ateneo de Manila University Athletics Office (UAO).
·      The AFL is a tournament held yearly at a date and venue that will be determined by RSA & RO.
·      The AFL is a tournament is an All-Ateneo tournament meaning one must be an alumnus of the school to be able to participate. The AFL follows the definition of an Ateneo alumnus as someone who spent at least two years in any unit whether it be the grade school, high, school, college, law school, medical school, professional or masters program. Members of the Ateneo community – office staff, faculty, and security – are allowed to participate. Alumni from other Jesuit schools including Ateneo de Cagayan, de Davao, de Naga, de Iloilo, de Zamboanga, and Xavier High School are allowed to participate as well.
·      All proceeds from the tournament will be utilized for the organization of the tournament with a portion going to a scholarship for the Ateneo High School.
·      Each team is responsible for its players and it is advised that they have the necessary insurance coverage. The organizer of the AFL cannot be held liable in this regard.
·      This tournament will be sanctioned by NCRFA and will use NCRFA referees.

Tournament Organizers: RSA & RO
Tournament Director: Jerry Ngo

Section II. Teams
The competition is 7-a-side. And teams can line up 14 (fourteen) players. A player can suit up for another team provided it is in a different division. No loaning or trading of players. No transfer fees.

A team can replace players in their roster up to the second match only. But teams must pay PhP100 per added player to the Tournament Director.

Teams must give a name to their team. While this may resemble our IAC teams in college, let’s keep the names within the bounds of decency.
Example: ASSOC FC, Guidon FC, or Los JSEC Tambays FC

Teams must name a team captain and a co-captain.

Registration begins Feb. 26 and ends on March 16.

Games begin first week of April and will be held Saturday and Sunday afternoons (2pm-530pm).

The different divisions and teams are as follows:

ALUMNI MEN’S (The Chris Monfort Cup -- 10 Teams Per Age Group)
Open: 30 and below and 31 and above. Former and current varsity players allowed.

ALUMNI MEN’S (The Oscariz Cup -- 10 Teams Per Age Group)
Just for Fun30 and below and 31 and above. Former varsity players eligible. No current varsity allowed.  However, each lineup will be assessed by the committee to determine if team is eligible to play in this group. Teams have the choice of fielding mixed male/female players.

WOMEN’S OPEN (The Vallar Cup* -- 10 Teams)
Open: Teams cannot have more than three (3) current varsity players (Current varsity players must seek approval of UAO to participate. Team B Players can play without asking permission).

COLLEGE OPEN (The Merida Cup --- 10 Teams)
Open: Maximum two (2) Varsity Players allowed and can play at the same time. (Current varsity players must seek approval of UAO to participate. Team B Players can play without asking permission).

HIGH SCHOOL (The Cabalida Cup --- 10 Teams per Group)
1st and 2nd year Group
3rd and 4th year Group
Teams can field a maximum of two (2) current varsity players who can both play at the same time.

Section III. Technical Matters (Match Rules)
1.    The matches will be played using modified FIFA Football Rules.
2.    A Size 5 football will be used for the matches as long as the pressure is as regulated by the FIFA Laws of the Game.
3.    The size of the pitches for each match shall be half that of a regular football field.
4.    Teams will wear the AFL official jerseys, which consists of blue and white uniforms designed by RSA & RO. Socks and Shorts can be different but we advise all teams to look their best! Regarding the kits, please refer to the addendum to the AFL Official Rules & Regulations.
5.    All players must wear the proper shoes for the game and shin guards and long socks for all their matches.
6.    We will be playing 7-a-side Football, with one (1) player that must be a Goalkeeper.
7.    A team must start with at least six (6) players, one (1) of which must be a goalkeeper. If a team does not have enough players, it will be considered as defaulted and a 3-0 will be awarded to the other team.
8.    If during a match a team will be left with less than five (5) players, one (1) of which must be a goalkeeper, the match will be abandoned and the team with more players will be awarded a score of 3-0 or the score of their current game if greater.
9.    The match will use open/flying substitution during dead ball situations only.
10. The duration of each match shall be:
a)    For high school: 25 minutes per half with a two-minute halftime break.
b)    For college and alumni divisions, 30 minutes per half with a two-minute halftime break.
11. In the event any match ends in a draw, the teams will proceed straight to a penalty shootout with three kickers from each team to determine the winner.
12. An outright win for a match merits three (3) points. For teams that end in a draw and engage in a PK shootout, the draw winner receives two (2) points while the losing team garners one (1) point. A team that loses a match outright does not get a point.
13. The tournament system shall comprise of a group stage of two (2) groups with five (5) teams each playing single round robin league, and then a final ranking match for all teams
For example:
A #1 vs. B #2 (semis)
A #2 vs. B #1 (semis)
A #3 vs. B #3 (for fifth and sixth place)
A #4 vs. B #4 (for seventh and eighth place)
A #5 vs. B#5 (for ninth and tenth place)

The top two teams play an extra two matches (cross-over semifinals, 3rd place and finals match). While the bottom six teams play one more match for the final rankings.

The winners of the semifinal matches play for the title.

14. In the event of a team being equal on points at the end of the league stage, head to head record will be used to determine the overall champion. Tiebreakers in order include total goals followed by goals for.
15. Pass-back to the goalkeepers is allowed.
16. Throw-ins and kick-ins are optional with the exception of corner kicks.

Section IV. Technical Matters (Disciplinary)
1.    Each team is responsible to keep their players, substitutes and officials under control.
2.    In the event of a disciplinary dispute, the Tournament Director will make a final decision based on the report of the referee, and team captains of the team concerned.
3.    When a player gets a yellow card, it will not be carried over to the next match day.
4.    When a player gets a red card, he will be ejected from the match and his team must play with a man down, until the opposing team scores against them.
5.    A player that gets a red card will be automatically suspended for the next match his team will play.
6.    A player, official or team that will be reported for violent conduct will be suspended for the rest of the tournament, with his team being fined.
7.    Each Team must be ready five (5) minutes before their designated match kick off time. If they are not ready, they will be considered a team that defaults, and the other team will be awarded a win of 3-0.
8.    The Tournament Director determines the kick off times in the event that there are issues with the field, weather, and reasonable circumstances appealed by the team captains.
9.    The kick-off times are pre-set as per the match schedule.
10. The Tournament Director under the recommendation of the match Referee reserve the right to shorten the duration of the match in the event of the field conditions being unplayable, weather, or extraordinary circumstances. 
11. For fines, please refer to the Financial Section of the Regulations.

Section V. Technical Matters (Match Officials)
1.    The Tournament Director will appoint a Referee every match.
2.    Each match has one (1) Referee and his decision is final with the exception of the blatant infringements on the tournament regulations.
3.    In the event this happens, teams are entitled to ask for a replay of the match.
4.    The decisions of the Tournament Director are final, but arbitration between the participating teams is always the first avenue.
5.    Teams are responsible for formulating their line-ups and making sure all their players are eligible.
6.    In the event a team fields an ineligible player, the team will be fined and cannot play until the fine is paid.

Section VI. Team Registration
1.    Each Team is entitled to register up to 14 (fourteen) players as their official line-up for the entire tournament.
2.    Every match day, each team must declare the 14 players present to play and take it to the tournament director at least 15 minutes before the kick off of their first match.
3.   If a team does not register 14 players by the first match day, they are entitled to register new players for free up until the 14th name, but must pay Php100 in order to register more players for their pool. We encourage all teams to plan their lineups and exercise their commitment to the tournament.

Section VII. Financial (Obligations)
1.    If there are “values in kind” from the tournament sponsors, it will be shared by the teams.
2.    Each match will have balls provided for by the Tournament Organizers.
3.    The Tournament Organizers are responsible for settling all organizational expenses and requirements.
4.    Each team must pay a registration fee of Php11,000 (eleven thousand pesos).
5.    The Tournament Organizers will provide a first aid medic or physiotherapist during every match day.

Section VIII. Financial (Fines and Penalties)
1.    A team can replace a player in the lineup up to their second match of the tournament. But they must do so at least two days before match day and must pay an additional Php100.00 per new player to the Tournament Organizers as a one-time registration fee.
2.    Fighting will not be tolerated and each team charged with fighting will have to pay a penalty of Php1,000.00 in order for the team to continue to play in the tournament with the exception of the players ejected for violence.

Plate trophy for division winners
Trophy for each division MVP and Golden Boot winner

* Named after former Ateneo Women's Football great Donna Vallar.

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