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Friday, December 31, 2010

Macca and HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED. December 31 musings hello and goodbye


And in a stunning bit of news, Vietnam, the team the Azkals beat in the group quarterfinals 2-nil, is inquiring about landing the services of Simon McMenemy.

As for the players who are receiving interest from club football in and out of the region, GO FOR IT. We have no pro league here but a league for weekend warriors. GO FOR IT.

I was reading the TRO filed by HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED at the Pasig City RTC and I picked out these three passages that bear much scrutiny with raised eyebrows with the cursory cuss word. The sections in bold are as they are. They are not my typos or what. That’s exactly what it is.

HWMNBN: “To represent the PFF without authority, especially that the PFF President is entitled to vote and may be voted upon as officials of the AFC nevertheless will create havoc to the internal business of the PFF and the AFC and will also bring the Philippines as a whole to mockery for sending to Qatar a bogus president.”

Rick: So I guess a president who has no vote of confidence from his federations is not bogus. And the falsified public documents, misuse of PFF funds, illegal appointments and unexplained expenses I guess do not constitute creating havoc to the internal business of the PFF. I wonder why he was borrowing money from Dan Palami in order to pay the employees’ salaries.

HWMNBN: “The matter is of extreme urgency considering that the respondent will now be leaving for Doha Qatar on January 3, 2011 to attend the 24th Congress 2011 and that petitioner will suffer great and irreparable injury because of the foregoing and that there is no other legal administrative remedy that was available of.”

Rick: Why is Doha so important that the AFC President is asking for a stay of decisions that he equates to interfering with AFC business? So a vote is more important than the welfare of a federation and never mind that FIFA funds were misused, statutes violated and one blunder after another has been committed? I think the AFC President’s letter to the FIFA president betrays some monkey business (THAT HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED MENTIONS IN THE NEXT SECTION) going on in the AFC elections.

HWMNBN: “Nevertheless the AFC as the one that will hold its congress, recognizes me as the only legitimate President of the PFF which is now impossible however because I can not perform my functions, duties, and powers and can not attend the said AFC Congress because my office was illegally took over by Araneta. He also brought with his own staff and doing monkey business inside my office. My personal and official files were had destroyed or have now been tampered, to the PFF prejudice and my irreparable injuries.”

Rick: As I understand, the official PFF email’s password was changed by HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED. And that he carted home stuff from the office that he deemed was his within days after his ouster. Mr. BLIND AFC PRESIDENT, in case you have not noticed, HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED has not provided one shred of physical evidence only WORDS. So it’s his word against all the physical evidence? In case you do not know, HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED even denied that it was his voice in the Board of Governors meeting where he admitted to the falsification of public documents. Why is his removal deemed to be interference? Because he is voting for a certain person in the coming elections and to do so has been sweetened by greenbacks? What is obvious here is that the state of the game is not important but that people of questionable backgrounds are put in positions of power. If you read my piece on the PSSI (Patriot Games), how can someone who served a jail sentence run the national federation? Look at another traditional Southeast Asian powerhouse. Since their head took over they’ve won zilch.

Lest anyone forget… the issues here are falsification of public documents where HEWHOMUSTNOTBENAMED already admitted to coming up with a bogus minutes of the meeting where he added one Henry Tsai as Executive Director without Board approval. Then he transferred funds to Tsai’s account “for safekeeping.” And the FIFA funds were misused and have not gone where they should go to.

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