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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The PFF President's List of Achievements

The president of the Philippine Football Federation recently distributed this "List of Achievements" to anybody and everybody as proof that he has done a lot for football. Many however, digress, and their comments and rebuttals are in red. I'm posting this here for all to read. Hopefully, some people will shed light on these matters.


As PFF President, on football related matters

Upon assuming office, the President's main concern was "WHY" the PFF that receives US$ 250, 000.00 annually from 2000 to present was in the decline or stagnant when you compare the country with the neighboring Southeast Asian countries.

After a thorough investigation, the conclusion was to look at our friendly neighbors’ performances, teaching habit towards players, knowledge of the game, coaching structure and many more important details that will support its progress. As long as the PFF continues to spend the funds wrongfully as it has done for over 10 years, no progress will ever happen.

It was when VISION ASIA, a project of the AFC President came about. After consulting with the AFC President and asking for his guideline, it was then mentioned for PFF to look at VISION ASIA as a tool to improve football in the Philippines.

An AFC offer was made to the PFF if “Vision Asia " is needed by the Philippines Football Federation to develop football nationwide. The PFF never took advantage of the offer due to possible expenses that was a key factor to the success of the program. It was a decision of the President to change things around by asking the AFC President who in turn allowed the PFF a chance to participate in VISION ASIA program. It took the PFF President various trips abroad for training, inspecting facilities, studying vision programs and activities. It took approximately seven (7) months for the PFF to be accepted as the 12th Asian country after continuous pressure from PFF. It is now the direction the PFF is following not only to improve Philippine football but now using the 5 pillars as a firm direction in pursuing our goal to make football the # 1 sport in our country.

(The 5 PILLARS - COACHING, REFEREE, ADMINISTRATION, COMPETITION, GRASSROOT) The PFF is following the document received from AFC in following its direction.

Because of its concern to support the under privilege kids, after completing its direction with VISION ASIA as the main trust in developing football, the PFF started to focus its attention towards the needy kids. It contacted a known artist who has given her time and her resources to develop the under privilege by using football to develop their skills, teach them discipline and good values. It was when the PFF President saw the success of its program that made him more determined to pursue a Mindanao program. The PFF President went out of his way to get an endorsement from the MNLF hierarchy and in his audience with the two Presidents during their visit in Manila convinced them of the MINDANAO FOOTBALL FOR PEACE program.

It also further convinced both Presidents to approve a second program called GOAL PROJECT 3 to be done in Metro Manila. We have been privilege to receive support from FIFA and AFC for two approved projects rarely given to a country as they only support one project at a time.

Cleaning up the PFF

The PFF President is given the right to have one vote to determine who in Asia will be the representative to the FIFA Executive Committee. The 46 member countries of the Asian Football Confederation meet every four years to vote for a leader that will sit in the FIFA Executive Committee. The election was held in Kuala Lumpur in 2009. In so doing, the PFF President was approached by a certain group who represented a candidate vying for the position and offered over USD 600,000 for his vote. A decision was made by the PFF President that NO FUNDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AS BRIBE/ LOVE GIFT/ REBATE/ LOAN etc. as his personal commitment to football was to clean the PFF image as its first major step to ensure effectiveness, good results and transparency.

The IMAGE of the PFF has greatly improved in term of relationship among the Asian football family and with the Asian Press/media group especially knowing that the funds needed by the PFF to survive were set aside for respect and dignity

How convenient. He forgets the PFF Congress where AFC President Mohammad Bin Hammam offered PhP 10 million for “unity.”

A Few among the Many Achievements

Completed the PFF House of Football Building with no less than the FIFA President and the AFC President as special guest in the inauguration of the building.

Looking at the situation, the only option was for Mr. Martinez to produce the much needed items to improve its image and have the office function properly

There was no Marble TILES which replaced the vinyl chosen by PFF

There was no office furniture’s in all the floors

Furniture for the new PFF building was already included in the budget. There were some old furniture bought from JMM’s friends to get discounts.

There was no electric power for the PFF House

There was electricity already, residential nga lang. We had it upgraded this year though.

There was no partition in the ground floor

The entire ground floor was actually designed to be a parking area. During turnover of the project from Mr. Romualdez’ administration to Mr. Martinez, he also changed the lay-out of the ground floor and had it made into an office as well. In early 2008, he had the ground floor rented by his Korean friend and allowed him to make changes in the ground floor but was never finished. His Korean friend left without notice and left the ground floor with several partitions. In 2009, Mr. Tsai “rented” the ground floor and actually turned it into his office and football shop.

There was no real telephone lines

There were already three phone lines used in the old office and none were disconnected due to non-payment. Mr. Martinez had three new Bayantel lines (all mobile landline phones). One was left at the office, one is being used by Mr. Arnaiz and the other is being used by Mr. Martinez at home. Both lines used by Mr. Arnaiz and Mr. Martinez are being paid by the PFF.

There was lack of telecommunication

There was lack of funds to survive

There are just enough funds for the budgeted expenses for each year. There were some payables to different companies that were yet to be paid for but there wasn’t a time that the administration expenses were used to pay for other expenses.

Hosted the 100 year PFF celebration in Manila with FIFA and AFC presidents in attendance. The only PFF President that sent out over 11 National teams of different age level in the year 2008 and another 10 national teams of different age level in 2009.

In the year 2008 after being notified of the National teams’ performance and its position in the world to be #189 team out of 208 countries in the FIFA team world ranking, the PFF followed a carefully prepared direction to improve its world ranking. After over a year, its world ranking based on FIFA has shown a marked improvement - PHILIPPINES ranked as the 155 position in the world and settled to 165 position in the FIFA World Ranking in 2010.

The hosting of the Centennial Celebration just coincided with JMM’s election. Thus, planning and credit should be given to the previous administration and not to JMM.

Further, each national team that was sent abroad was mostly funded by their managers. PFF would sometimes provide assistance such as Mizuno uniform (if available), request for travel tax and terminal fee exemptions, paperwork, provision of subsidies from organizing bodies (depends on the arrangement with the managers), etc.

Organized the Social Responsibility of the PFF

Built an organization of under privileged kids in Bukidnon - to study in the morning and play football in the afternoon. The PFF President called on the management to ensure that all national teams of different age levels starting in 2010 must have its social responsibility. An instruction was put forward to all concern that 1 slot in every national team will be available for the PFF President to choose an under privilege Filipino whether fit to play in the team or just be part of the team/ go abroad with the team/ experience being part of a team/ enjoy the amenities offered to a player/equal uniforms and eventually share to all his experience. The idea is to change his life as a player and talk about hope. Today the PFF has over 250 underprivileged kids under the supervision of the social responsibility group.

The “organization” JMM is referring to is the Bukidnon group who provided the paintings in the PFF building.

The inclusion of one under-privileged child to be included in the national teams started in the National U14 team that participated in the AFC U14 Boys Festival of Football 2010.

ASEANA Business Park

Situated along 10 hectares of prime land beside the Mall of Asia in Roxas Blvd.

A concerned citizen, in his aim to help develop the sport and his main concern on social responsibility brought about his decision to help the Philippine Football Federation through the use of a parcel of land in the area of Pasay City motivated him not only to allow the use of 1.5 hectares of property for football but fixed-up the field and its surroundings so players can play.

Today, a beautiful property of over one hectare has been granted to the PFF by no less than its owner, Mr. Delfin Wenceslao for use in football. He has developed the place, spent for all expenses and now over 150 streetchildren from the ParaƱaque are practice three times a week with the PFF coaches.

The beauty of this is that:

Mr. Wenceslao spent for the football field

Mr. Wenceslao paid at least six PFF coaches to train the streetchildren

Mr. Wenceslao takes care of their transportation (to and from ParaƱaque)

Mr. Wenceslao feeds all 150 kids at his expense during practice

PFF monitors the improvement

Interport Cup

Alongside the Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA), JMM has started the Interport Cup among the National Men’s Football Teams of Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines this year. The said competition materialized in a meeting with the CTFA President in Bacolod City during the hosting of the AFC U16 Championship Qualifiers last year. It was then agreed that the said competition will be alternately hosted by the participating teams annually (every January) to provide more top level competitions for the Senior Football Teams in Asia in preparation for the AFC-sanctioned tournaments.

The inaugural Interport Cup was held in Chinese Taipei last 15 – 18 January.

The concept of the Interport Cup was presented by JMM to the Chinese Taipei FA President when he went to Bacolod City to support his team in the AFC U16 Championship Qualifiers. The Interport was supposedly a three-team friendly competition among Philippines, Chinese Taipei and one other country. However, due to lack of preparation, only Philippines and Chinese Taipei (one college team and U23 team) participated.

Expenses for the said competition were likewise not included in the 2010 budget.

Most recently, the Philippines participated again in the “Interport Cup,” now re-named as Long Teng Cup. All expenses (hotel accommodation and match preparations) were shouldered by the Chinese Taipei FA while the airfare was shouldered by Mr. Dan Palami, Men’s Football Team Manager.

FUTSAL Development

Reorganized the Philippine Futsal Team, the team is considered to be as the 4th Southeast Asia team in view of its performance in the last 2 years. The PFF set a goal / target after meeting with the committee by the end of 2010 the Philippines will become the 2nd country in Southeast Asia.

Accomplishments and milestones of RP Futsal under Jose Mari Martinez’s term:

The Philippine National Men’s Futsal Team participated in the following tournaments:


2010—Daklak Pham Gia Futsal Invitational Tournament (Vietnam)

This invitational was not even part of the budget. This particular team consisted of mainly Iranian players. There were only two Filipino players included in the line-up.

2010—AFF Championships (Vietnam)

2010—AFC Championships Qualifiers (Indonesia)

2009 – AFF Futsal Championship (Vietnam)

2008 – AFF Futsal Championship (Thailand)

2007 – SEAGames (Thailand)

2007 – AFF Futsal Championship (Thailand)

Local Tournaments

PFF Futsal Cup 2009 (October – December)

-10 men’s teams

-8 women’s teams

PFF Futsal Cup 2010 (will start in October)

Two team managers meeting were called already but there is no budget for this competition. The teams are required to pay Php 7,000.00 registration fee even if the organizers haven’t finalized the details of the tournament, such as official venue/s, match fixtures and technical regulations.

AFC Futsal Courses

AFC Futsal Level-1

*FIFA Instructor Hoessein Shams (Iran National Team Coach)

13 Participants

100% passing rate (13 AFC Futsal Level-1 Licensed Coaches)

Philippine Futsal Achievements

3rd Runner-up – AFF Futsal Championship (Vietnam 2009)

Qualified to the Finals – AFC Futsal Championship Final Round (Chinese Taipei 2006)


The PFF made sure that the various women’s teams are at par with our neighboring countries by participating in the AFC and AFF tournaments for women in Asia and Southeast Asia. The PFF has an active pool of women’s youth players from the U13, U16 and U19 teams, which has become the training ground and selection of the senior team that will represent the Philippines in the 25th Southeast Asian Games in 2011.

With the women’s group actively supporting the teams during international competitions and training camps, the PFF has been able to send out teams to participate in all age levels from 2008 to present.

Several courses have also been conducted locally with FIFA, AFC and AFF sending the best instructors to the Philippines to spearhead seminars catering to Women’s Football Development and at the same time evaluate the status of Philippine Women’s Football.

Most, if not all, women’s teams sent out for international competitions are funded by the Team Managers. In 2008, the PFF sent out both the U19 and U16 women’s teams to KL, Malaysia in the condition that no financial expenses will be incurred by PFF. Both groups participated in the competition and paid the expenses at the venue. PFF sent the receipts and breakdown of expenses to AFC for reimbursement (as allowed in the AFC AID 27 budget). PFF received the reimbursement in 2010 but did not turn over to the managers.

The PFF concentrated in the Upgrading of Coaches in the Philippines

-Reorganized the Coaches structure and manner of training through coaching courses

There were proposals submitted to PFF to reorganize the coaches’ structure but JMM took out the coaches who he thinks is against him and PFF. There was also a request made by the Technical Department to conduct an AID 27 Programme Coaches Seminar at the start of every year to be able to correct the submission of reports and in turn, to avoid the delay of remittance of the coaches’ salaries. The request was denied due to budget constraints.

-Organized the DISKI NIGHT and the AWARDS NIGHT

The planning and organization of this particular event was headed by the GWORLD Events Group. The PFF spent more than the budget and no proceeds were even collected. Some donations by Embassies to be used in the auction were never sold but also were not returned to the PFF after the event.

- Following the direction of AFC to upgrade football in the Philippines

The 5 PILLARS of SUCCESS to materialize


Please find attached list from Mr. Jose Ariston P. Caslib, PFF Technical Director, with regards to the Coaching Education from 2008 to present and the list of proposed local Coaching Courses for 2011.

The AFC sets June 30 of every year as a deadline for all MAs to submit to them the list of proposed Coaching and Refereeing courses to be conducted in each MAs. The approved list is then returned to the MAs for them to be included in the budget for the following year.

However, some coaching and refereeing courses scheduled did not push through due to lack of budget.


Please find attached list from Mr. Montano M. Mondia III, PFF Referees Department Head, with regards to the Referees Education from 2008 to present and the list of proposed local Refereeing Courses for 2011.

Same procedure as the coaching courses.


PFF started with eight employees but through JMM, PFF now has 22 employees under its payroll.

To date, there are only 10 fulltime staff reporting to the office regularly – five service staff, two accounting staff and three administrative staff. There are employees who are considered part of the payroll but also considered as consultants (therefore, are not regularly reporting to the office) – General Secretary, Referees Department Head, and Futsal Department.

Some “employees” even hold multiple positions and some overlap with the work of others.

Until now, no contracts have been provided to all employees. Job descriptions for each are not yet drawn making some employees unsure of what they are supposed to do.


Please find attached list of the National Teams sent out from 2008 to present, including the teams to be sent out for the remainder of the year.

Most of the teams sent out by PFF were funded by other groups or groups of individuals. Sometimes the most PFF will provide, in terms of financial assistance, are the exemptions for travel tax and terminal fees.


Please find attached report from Mr. Ramon F. Manuel, then PFF Clubs and Competitions Department Head, with regards to the MILO Caravan held this year.

There was no concrete program for the grassroots and youth area. PFF was only riding on the MILO Summer Clinic and Caravan programme and assumed it as its own.



    Based on the Assessment Report and Strategic Development Plan for Vision Asia Project PFF there are 4 major stages for this project to mature. Stage 1 –Assessment on the current status of Philippine Football focus initially on 5 areas (Football administration, Clubs & competitions, grassroots & youth, coach education and referee development). This stage was completed. Stage 2 – create a tailor-made strategic development plan. This stage has been completed and a strategic plan and timetable was set as agreed upon by PFF and AFC Vision Asia, Stage 3 Implementation Stage 4 Review.
    Stage 3 has not been completed and there is no indication that the PFF President has any plans to implement the strategic development plan for administration. Priority is on football administration as Vision Asia stressed that a well structured and detailed statutes ensure good governance and the quick resolution of disputes.
    Vision Asia stated that the PFF Statutes needs to be reorganized to follow the structure of the FIFA Standard Statutes, contradictions between PFF statutes and FIFA Standard Statutes be rectified, clear definition of membership entitlement, membership rights and obligation, Powers of Congress must comply with the FIFA Standard Statutes as the PFF Statutes is vague on the powers of Congress, Congress to elect the Vice Presidents and not the PFF president to appoint, etc. More it was agreed that the PFF was to create standard statutes which all Provincial FA’s must adopt with the objective of having a uniform governance structure for all its members which will facilitate transparency, good governance, and enhance collaboration between the PFF and the provincial FA’s.
    Time table:
    By April 2009 - Amend, solidify and change format of the PFF Statutes
    PFF to create Standard Statutes for provincial FA’s.

    By December 2009 – provincial FA’s to adopt Standard Statutes.

    It must be noted that the PFF has not complied with any of the very important guidelines as mentioned above and all deadlines have been ignored. It is common knowledge that the Vision Asia Cebu Project has not matured because AFC Vision Asia team stated that they will only start looking at the organization and administration of CFA after the CFA statutes are amended. Therefore it would be probably safe to presume that the PFF Vision Asia Project is currently in the same situation as Cebufa.
    The PFF President various trips abroad for training, inspecting facilities, studying vision programs and activities and the efforts of about 7 months to get our application approved for Vision Asia has amounted to nothing and a waste of time, effort and money.

    It is difficult to comprehend how Martinez has claimed any achievement particularly in the element of administration. Hiring 14 more employees can hardly be considered an achievement and many of the positions in the PFF overlaps with the work of others. For example AFC Vision Asia pointed out that the position of treasurer is redundant if there is a finance committee with well defined roles and responsibilities. AFC Vision Asia stated that the chairperson of the Finance Committee has the responsibility of a treasurer. Despite the advice of AFC the PFF has Mr. Mariano Araneta as Finance Committee Chairman and maintains Antonio Marty as Treasurer. PFF must let go of Marty as this is only additional expense for the PFF.

    Please find attached list of the National Teams sent out from 2008 to present, including the teams to be sent out for the remainder of the year.”

    AFC Vision Asia after its assessment of Philippine Football stated that competition structure in the Philippines is very weak both in the national and provincial level for both senior and age group levels.

    To address this issue Vision Asia likewise has develop a strategic plan and timetable similar to that of the administration. Sadly, none of the plans have been implemented and deadlines were just deadlines nothing else…….

    “(The 5 PILLARS - COACHING, REFEREE, ADMINISTRATION, COMPETITION, GRASSROOT) The PFF is following the document received from AFC in following its direction.”

    Martinez has turned out to be a Compulsive Liar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Buying office furniture is an achievement?

    I should update my own resume. I got a humongous flat screen tv to replace my old one.

    I got a better bed to replace my old one.

    And does getting a new iPad qualify for that?

  4. A curious thing: Each of the 5 pillars is indeed important. But isn't the most important ingredient missing - the football players. Sure, grassroots is there, but isn't it important what happens to kids after their kids development programs, their elite training as they develop into junior and senior players. The stress is just not there. What happens after a disappointing international competition is people say, we should improve our grassroots program. Ano? The reason behind the failure of the elite teams (something that hopefully will improve for everyone's sake) is not the grassroots program, but a deficient elite training and development program. Because the elite footbal player is not considered a pillar of development.

  5. As handcrafted signatured PFF Europe Consultant by PFF President Martinez, I have to make following short statement:

    The points given by PFF OFFICE and PFF PRESIDENT Martinez as "ACHIEVEMENT" for Philippine FOOTBALL ( also with his 5 pillars ) is in fact a "wonderful" sample for a HORROR DIS-STRUCTURE of a wonderful sport.

    The "PFF-ACHIEVEMENTS" are facts of football-horror.

    Like Mr. Jeminez said BEFORE:
    where are the players?

    FURTHERMORE : Where are the clubs and continous league structures ( ??????.. ), which are standards around the world.

    Where are the promised REGISTRATION of clubs ans players in the whole country?

    Mr. MARTINEZ should not tell LIES!!!!!!..
    HE received massively bribes by AFC PRESIDENT Mr. BIN HAMMAM ( including Bin Hammam´s 10 MILLION PHP promise )..

    Even the PFF MEN SUCCESS up to worldrank 155 were based more on PRIVATE ACTIONS.

    So PFF claims "ACHIEVMENTS" which OTHERS PRIVATLY organized !!...
    so it was easy to do MONEY in OWN PFF PRESIDENT POCKETs...

    OVERBUDGETED PARTY NIGHTS and overprized FURNITURE for the OFFICE ( even enough budget were included in AFC plan ) can not be a "FOOTBALL ACHIEVEMENT !

    ALL in one:

    ABOUT employees and structures:

    Did MARTINEZ not remove people who worked SERIOUS in his
    office (?) and took people inside who were highly unserious !( for sample ( media reported about it ): Mr. Ernie Nierras who received money from rich people to let play unripe and ill players in women youth national team ) and disqualified as football experts!!!!!

    All in ONE:

    PFF not committed any CLUBs and LEAGUES/CUPS ( this is the BEST GRASSROOT way, since Messi, Pele, Maradonna and many OTHERs were educated in clubs and leagues and not through JMM Training or whatever unregular shortcut football sessions ).

    By the way: THE MINDANO support ( FOOTBALL for PEACE " was committed by GERMAN GOVERNMENT ( they paid for this .. they told me and its described on GTZ Homepage.. so it´s maybe also not the own money and idea done by PFF )

    WITH OTHER words:
    -PFF PRESIDENT received massive BRIBE supports by Mr. Hammam.

    - The PFF-Finance structures are intransparency and full of EXTRAVAGANCES OVERBUDGETING.
    - Incompetent corrupt headers and employees.
    - no real CLUB and LEAGUE supports
    - no registration of players and respect to clubs

    - many more failures

  6. Maybe he removed some important people or whatever, but one of his biggest failures until now is you, PAUL WEILER! Appointing you as a European consultant, when you have done nothing good for the sport in the country. You have a long track record of being a fraud and a huge liar. IMO, thats one of the points where Martinez really failed. You only bash him because you want to have a part of the money spending. Get lost! Philippine football dont need YOU or Martinez.

  7. My name is Evelyn Hisoler, PRESIDENT of PFSA Inc.

    Some words to above degrading words of PFF Mr. Ernie Nierras or Michael Holtan, who both hate PFF CONSULTANT Mr. Paul Weiler:

    it´s very pity that such opinions can be declared here in the blog of Mr. Rick Olivares w/out any arguments!

    PFSA Inc. understands that such primitive persons( who officially said in Forums that they hate Mr. Weiler ) want to throw bad words on a very good person.
    THEY have problems w/ ppl who helps philippine football,
    so no wonder that they like CHAOS and ANARCHY.

    Inspite of this PFSA Inc. will support ideas of Mr. Weiler also in future.

    He did show in past 10 years and as DFB licensed coach the good works in favour to philippine youth ( not only in Alegria about HUMANSPORTAID or Cebu City ( abouT his founded CFCIA and FC Inter Cebu ( SUNSTAR reported about his engegaments) .. also in whole Philippines itself.
    ( Terry Razon Cup, Laguna Cup... )

    As PRESIDENT I´m very proud to work w/ PFF Europe consultant Mr. Paul Weiler very close together and I hope it will be also for many years in future.

    We are very glad now that PFSA Inc. w/ PFF Mr.Weiler could introduce the WFLV RESPECT campaign ( WFLV is one of the hugest member w/ 1,6 million subscribers of GERMAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION ).

    PFSA Inc. is especially also proud that we could help PHILIPPINE FOOTBALL NATIONAL TEANM
    that Ray Jonsson and Manuel OTT can play in advance Philippine NT in AFF QUALIFIER Cup.

    This are only few of our successes together and with help of Mr. Weiler..

    if someone needs more infos about PFSA Inc. just contact me:

    Evelyn Hisoler ( PRESIDENT PFSA Inc. .. full contact address .. click on "CONTACT" of )

  8. Regarding the ASEANA Business Park project he is talking about. The only reason why Ding Wenceslao agreed to partner with the PFF was because of a respectable parent. She was the one who Ding trusts and not the PFF.
    Nakakatawa, he uses it as his achievement. Yan ang leader recognition grabber. Will you still vote for him??

  9. Not sure how he mannered to justify this statement. Regardless, why dont we ask the more important group - us. Is the Pff clean? I challenge Mari to a votation/feedback coming from the players, FAs, parents, coaches, media, his staff. - "The IMAGE of the PFF has greatly improved in term of relationship among the Asian football family and with the Asian Press/media group especially knowing that the funds needed by the PFF to survive were set aside for respect and dignity"

  10. Good day "Evelyn Hisoler"

    Its nice to see that you went to Paul Weilers grammar school, or is it in fact Paul Weiler himself hiding behind PFSA? Hahaha if you want to fool someone, dont use your style of writing, because youre busted now. Hello Paul Weiler! It shows how pitiful you really are.

    Good try though, but you wont fool me. Maybe this blog can write about you Paul. There are a lot of info about you online and your accomplishments as a fraud and liar. To me, youre just the same as Martinez. Youre not any better than him. He takes money meant for the sport, so do you.

    Btw, you didnt help anyone to play for the Mens NT. Dont take credit for something you didnt do.

    Have a nice day "Evelyn Hisoler" = Paul Weiler

  11. @Anoynmous:

    wow! who is Mr. Weiler?
    is he so famous to make more comments about him as about Martinez ?

  12. @anonymous

    pfsa inc. is a incorpration in which mr. weiler is working. pfsa is a sportassociation which helps phil nt, leagues and clubs and they made it well.
    mr. weiler is not a famous man he is just one of many spporters of pfsa, like WFLV ( member of ) who started the respect campaign in Philippines. NT players like Ray Jonsson and Manuel Ott and others supporting the campaign in sense of pfsa.

    pfsa managed that such players can play in aff suzuki cup qualifier.

  13. Paul Weiler is a huge fraud. He is soliciting money from sponsors. The money meant for grassroot programs, or for the needy clubs in Cebu, instead goes to Paul Weilers pocket. He told me myself. This guy is nonsense. He has never helped anyone to play for the national team ever, and will never help. He has many "projects" going on. One by one they fold up, and he starts new with new names. Just check his history. The past years he has promised to buy a field, to organize big tournaments/festivals. What has happened? Nothing at all. The evidence of all his scams are all over the internet. This guy is not better than Martinez. Actually, they fit to be partners.

    @anonymous, your writing style also strikes me. Another try by Paul Weiler himself to put himself in a better light? Hahaha! Paul Weiler, like Martinez will ALWAYS get exposed no matter what. Get a life Paul Weiler! You still live in your mothers backyard, and you think you run a big organization in the Philippines, and youre only in the country for a few weeks a year. Get real!

  14. hahah Ernie in Pinoyexchanage Forum ( the most popular sport Forum in Philippines )
    you´re baned with your LIES, because the Pex-Admin understood that you only want to degrade people who helps phil football..

    haha now you want to crack Rick Olivares blog through your nonsense opinions to twist people.

    how a person said to you in Pex:
    concentrate to your filipina wife and family
    and get joy in your life, seems you need very much..

    have a nice day Mr. LIAR

  15. hui, is pff coordinator ernie nierras, companion of prexy martinez, really excluded in Pex forum, because of his degrading hateful manners vs pff consultant mr. weiler?

  16. Ernie? Sorry Paul Weiler. I am not Ernie. If the owner of the blog wants, i can tell him who i really am. But im certainly not Ernie.

  17. who cares about Paul weiler? after what he has done to the
    azkals he should be prohibited from entering our country! hi is a fraud, he is no coach and he is NO PFF consultant! he was fired!