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Monday, August 30, 2010

Where to, Red Warrior?

Title-less in October. A dejected Paul Lee walk away following the University of the East Red Warriors' 69-68 loss to National University. It was the first time NU swept the season series in what? Decades? Maybe even the first time ever. 

The Red Warriors are every bit better than their 4-8 record. Had they gotten their act together early on (read: solved their internal troubles), they could very well be in the upper half of the standings. Their cheer of "Bomba, UE" is apt because if there is one team that could earn the nickname of "The Bomb Squad" then it's UE over UST. They've got Lee, James Martinez, Paul Zamar, and Raphy Reyes to fire away from the outside. And Ken Acibar and Lord Casajeros can even hit the shot from time to time.

The Recto-based team is now at a crossroads. With two matches left to play in their lost season, they'll try to go out with a bang. Head coach Lawrence Chongson is unsure whether to come back or not for next year. That isn't entirely his decision as it has to come from school and team management. 

So where does that leave Paul Lee? The Red Warriors are losing many of their mainstays and if the team is unable to put up a competitive roster, then Lee could spend time prepping for the pros. Then the Warriors will become rapidly improving forward Acibar's team. Plus Sam Razon and Casajeros will be back.

But since the PBA Draft for next season won't be until the end of August, then it's entirely possible that Lee could play out his final year of eligibility for UE.

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  1. I think Lee will apply for the PBA draft. And so will James Martinez. Chiongson may be on his way out.