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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ibra joins AC Milan

When I see how Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic's one-year stint with FC Barcelona went, I am reminded of Michael Owen's similar cameo appearance with Real Madrid at the height of the Galactico I project.

The time when a player stayed with the club that brought him in is done. How many do so? Giggsy and Scholes for ManU. Gerrard and Carra for LFC. I wish I could say Alessandro del Piero (who is the reason why I am a Juventus fan) but I think he broke in Padova in the Serie B. A funny note about Del Piero and Padova. A year after the Italian striker switched clubs to sign with La Vecchia Signora, Padova got promoted from Serie B to Serie A. 

Back to Ibra -- he's been with Ajax Amsterdam (another club I like), Juventus (where he left after the calciopoli of 2006), Intermilan, Barcelona, and now to nerazzurri's rival the Rossoneri AC Milan. Intermilan's Argentine team captain Javier Zanetti took shots at Ibra for moving to their city and stadium rival AC Milan. Zanetti described Ibra as "selfish." 

In response, Ibra said that Zanetti should shut up and give him credit because Inter was nothing before he joined them (well it is kind of true since they benefitted from the calciopoli that saw Juventus relegated to Serie B and stipped of its players and titles).

And the move to AC Milan has become tabloid fodder for Ibra has taken parting shots to Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. Cracks in the wall of the two-time Spanish League champs? Maybe not since they got David Villa. But was getting Ibra a ploy just to get rid of Sam Eto'o?

All I know here is that the derbies between Intermilan and AC Milan will get a lot more heated.

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