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Friday, January 29, 2010

Philippine Football Federation -- Would you like to level the score?

Some members of the PFF sent a complaint to FIFA. They do not normally respond as they want the NSA to send official communiques. It's a flawed system that can cover up a lot of shit. Fortunately, they listened. But to date, there has been no reply. Click to enlarge, folks.

Mr. Romualdez' and Mr. Marty's columns in the PFF newsletter. Power of the Pen indeed.

The Philippine Football Federation released a newsletter late 2009. And in that newsletter former PFF President Johnny Romualdez had a column titled “The Power of the Pen.”

He took to task those in media who have criticized the PFF “and their attempts to derail the Federation’s honest efforts at development.”

He then alluded to a colleague from the Inquirer and other writers who criticize – including those members from the PFF who even deigned to sent their complaints to FIFA.

First of all, Mr. Romualdez, there is nothing wrong with criticizing. One of the wonderful things to democracy is that we can disagree with one another yet not go to war about it like they did in previous centuries. And no, we are not the puppets of the "rebel groups" as you like to term (are you a fan of Star Wars? The Galactic Empire liberally uses the term "rebel" against Alderaan, Corellia, Chandrilia, and the Mon Calamari among others?). We've walked out on some of their misguided meetings as well. Check and balance, anyone?

Second, if your complaints are not even being entertained by your current arrogant President who keeps daring to meet up in a common place for a confrontation but never shows up, who always dismisses complaints with a “noted” but never follows up on them, who doesn’t even care to answer an official request by FIFA sent October 9, then what recourse do others have to take?

Third, in that same newsletter where you penned “your opportunity to admonish” writers and complainants, the current treasurer Antonio Marty that the PFF “has been financially healthy this year, reducing the debts of the previous administration of up to 50% already since Mr. Mari Martinez took over as President.”

Ah, what were the debts did your “administration” incur? Did you or did you not leave some money in the bank? I know you did. And if the PFF is financially healthy, then why are national team slots for sale and why were the salaries of coaches late last year? And when we talk about late it’s not by a few days but months. Why were allowances or fees in Iloilo and other places like UP Los Baños not paid (and it still isn’t)? You do not want me to go to a rehash of the problems of last year.

So did the AFC President really give a donation of PhP 10 million during that infamous donation (some say it was a bribe and I'm inclined to believe that) of his last year?

And isn’t there in the charter in the PFF -- a supposed national tournament? There hasn’t been one in two years.

The PFF guys are a joke. And you were even were a part of the move to oust Martinez but jumped ship a the worst possible moment because of your “I love football” statement.

You are not the only one who loves football. Disabuse yourself of the messianic complex that only you and Mr. Martinez or the others in the PFF can save football because it certainly needs saving from those who are willfully blind.

You once told me while we were having breakfast before the PFF Congress last year that you have always been careful about your name with regards to money. And I believed you. Not because you were my father’s classmate in the Ateneo but you were always stingy and careful with money to the point of being kuripot.

So how do you feel about Mr. Marty’s statement? And these guys never present proof, it’s always a report. If some people would accuse me of such I would instantly try to clear my name rather than not respond. The government of transparency that Martinez mentioned while campaigning for the presidency is but another empty promise.

Politicians. He was supposed to back up Pablito Araneta in the voting for the POC President right. Araneta ran under the banner of Art Macapagal, but Martinez arrived at the elections one day and sided with Peping Cojuangco and became the swing vote. But you should know that. Your own PR Officer, Ed Formoso ran for the PFF Presidency but you sided with Martinez. And Formoso helped bring in PhP 1 million from Solar Sports when I was working there (something I was against because I honestly don't know see how the tie-up between us and you could have helped our promotions. As far as I know, the PFF doesn't mean anything to the success of the World Cup other than PFF officials going there because they get a free ticket).

Ed is doing more for football with his work with street kids and the homeless. Lesson here, folks. Never judge a person by his looks.

Words. Not the power of the pen but out of the mouth of those who are supposedly the caretakers of the game.

I will borrow your line here – “I’m taking this opportunity to admonish.”

And that begs the question: what will you really do for football?

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  1. there are many talented Filipino players. I hope they get recognized in time.