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Monday, June 22, 2009

Rebound Podcast #1: The mag, who, what, why, and when

Rebound will be out on the shelves this week! I'm getting my advance copies tomorrow Tuesday.

Anyone want to see it, drop by Bellarmine Hall on Wednesday and/or at Moro Lorenzo Sports Center 430pm. Holla if you hear me.

Be a fan in our facebook page: Rebound: the Spirit of College Basketball.

Here's the very first Rebound podcast featuring Mike Abasolo, Chris Soler, and myself. Sid Ventura couldn't make it for the recording.

Podcast 1 is out. The next ones will be on this Wednesday.

Podcast #1 Rebound the mag
Podcast #2 the NCAA
Podcast #3 the UAAP

Recorded today at Valle Verde IV over pizza and mojos.

From the mag's EEK Mike Yu:
"I'm happy to report that printing is in full swing. The magazine should start trickling into selected magazine stores by Friday this week and fully in all stores (I hope!) by the week of June 30, as expected.

The whole team has learned a lot about the in's and out's of the publishing business, including distribution, marketing, etc. All I can say is: the future is bright for REBOUND. :)

As a teaser, you just HAVE to get a copy of the magazine for the special feature called "Anatomy of a Champion", where The Three Amigos (Mike, Rick, Chris) do an in-depth analysis of last season's two champion squads. Excellent piece!

Keep spreading the word to everyone about the magazine, and grab your own copy very, very soon!"

To listen to the audio, click the player below.

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