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Thursday, May 28, 2009

More from the Crawfords

Who doesn't want to see these two guys play in the NBA Finals? Yup, the two Redeem Team captains going at it for the Larry O'Brien Trophy.


In the dying seconds of regulation, LeBron James puts the moves on Mikael Pietrus, plants a forearm on him that sends both sprawling to floor. Foul on the Orlando Magic player. Bron makes his two freebies to send the game into overtime.

One day later, the Los Angeles Lakers Pau Gasol puts the same move on the Denver Nuggets Nene and the Brazilian is whistled for his sixth and last foul. Gasol makes the two free throws that help LA go up 3-2. Hey, Ron Garretson, make the right call.

C'mon Marv Albert and Doug Collins. Stop being the apologists for Stern's NBA. The officiating sucks. On one hand you say that its palyoff basketball and they should let the players play yet when these stupid calls are made you all say that the officiating is good.

I want to see Kobe play LeBron in the Finals but not at the expense of the other teams and these stupid calls. And I don't care if Danny Crawford is a 25-year NBA ref, he's been making bad calls just like that other NBA doofus Joey Crawford. Look I know the name has nothing to do with it but c'mon!

Then they fine PhilJax $25K for his comments on the officiating.

Like local basketball, I lobby for instant replay. That should also take care of game fixing. Erring refs (who make super boneheaded calls) get their heads punted into the next city.

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