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Friday, March 27, 2009

On the UAAP bidding

Word is that of the three networks that bid for the right to cover the UAAP two years from now, GMA-7 came out on top with Solar at second and ABS-CBN at third. The previous contract stipulates that the incumbent (ABS-CBN) has the right of first refusal and can retain the UAAP's services by matching the best bid.

It is said that seven of the eight schools are looking to switch networks. The one dissenting school will be fielding an African player this coming Season 72.

The recent tiff between Manny Pacquiao/ABS-CBN and Solar/GMA did nothing to help ABS' image and all the more put off other members of the board who have been unhappy with the incumbent network over the last couple of years.

But if you ask me... it will stay with ABS-CBN. For now.

Word too is that the UAAP Football Finals (already on delayed telecast) will also be pushed back to late April. This isn't all the more going to sit well with the board members and will only give them more ammo in thumbing down the Lopez-owned network.

AND the drama continues... Manny Pacquiao will call for a press con today to tell what happened between him and ABS-CBN. Trading punches before the fight with Hatton. Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle.

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