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Friday, February 27, 2009

Breaking news... PFF's Pablito Araneta resigns!

The PFF's General Secretary Pablito Araneta just handed in his resignation letter to Mari Martinez. Araneta turned in his resignation yesterday Thursday, February 25 but was only able to speak with the president today.

This comes on the heels of the 5th Ordinary Congress of the PFF where Asian Football Confederation President Mohammed Bin Hammam "donated" Php 10 million to help out local football and a failed bid to oust Martinez.

But why go to Malaysia? If he needed a MOA signed then he could have sent it via Fed Ex or whatever. Why didn't Hammam do a signing in front of the Congress? The timing of the donation is terrible and sorry. However you look at it, it's bribery. Mahirap kasi kapag hindi mo pera gastos lang ng gastos.

Why do I have to explain that it was wrong? If someone accusses a Federation official of misappropriation of funds, I'd do everything in my power to prove that it wasn't so. Instead they throw things out on a technicality? But where was their proof of what they spent? It was all talk. They could not show the passbook! No charts nothing.

In the days leading up to the Congress, Martinez paid Poch Borromeo and Nonong Araneta the utang from previous expenses involving a tournament and the national team. The timing is suspicious don't you think?

More details and excuses to follow.

We heard that the PFF President flew to Kuala Lumpur today (Friday).
Word is that the shoes he was given was several sizes too small.

And he wanted to tell Hammam first hand about the new PFF jokes!

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