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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two clubs. Two sucky situations.

Two events. Two cities. Two situations.

All season long in New York, Stephon Marbury was benched and was not so-politely told that he wasn't wanted in Gotham. After several players were traded away in the previous day, Mike D'Antoni asked the self-proclaimed greatest point guard in the NBA if he wanted to suit up for the match against Milwaukee since they were down to only seven players.

Marbury declined saying that it was an awkward situation and the Knicks were thoroughly bounced by the Bucks.

But who can blame Steph for not wanting to play? As much I think that he deserves the flak he's getting now for his being such a poor team player and a leader, this isn't how it should go down for Marbury.

And it's totally classless of Donnie Walsh and D'Antoni on how they've handled the situation. Now they make Steph look even worse when now it's not even of his own doing. After all their previous statements about moving on and Marbury can choose to sit or take a bite out of his contract?

Besides... that's the Knicks for you.

In London, Arsenal stripped and dropped William Gallas of his captaincy after his public trashing of his teammates following a loss.

Since last year, I've railed against Gallas and his poor showing as a team captain since he was made team captain. But that is hardly his fault as the team has gotten rid of the players who helped them ascend to the top of the English Premier League. They're the Red Bull Barakos of English football. No money. No real leader in sight. No Patrick Vieira in sight.

Where in Vieira anyways?

He was a leader in the Gunners' midfield and locker room during their assualt on the record books for an undefeated season.

After he was jettisoned to Juventus, he helped them to the Serie A title in 2006. I thought that was a great midfield line along with Emerson and Pavel Nedved for Old Lady an it's too bad that team was broken up in the wake of the calciopolli and the subsequent relegation to Serie B.

Vieira then went on to Inter Milan where he has helped them to three Serie A titles along with another former Juve player in Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

So Gallas took over the captain's armband and Arsenal hasn't won anything since. Last year's meltdown in a draw against Birmingham where his public display of his frustration saw him earn the ire not only of the fickle English press but Arsenal fans as well. He kicked an advertising board during the game and stood around totally uncaring to what was going on as an opponent took a penalty kick that equalised for the draw.

Things pretty much went downhill not just for his side but for his teams including France of which he is a starter. And Arsene Wenger has had enough. What to do now with Gallas? Dropping him from the club is probably for the best since his presence will further become a distraction for the club.

So the captain's armband has been handed over to goalkeeper Manuel Almunia who will soon be England's starting Number 1.

Salvation for both Arsenal and England is some time away coming.

In the meantime, the Gunners have to suffer more humiliation as they got their asses kicked too by Manchester City 3-0.

The soap opera for both clubs continues.

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