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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who's next?

Okay so that's two coaches who've gotten the axe this early... PJ Carlesimo and Eddie Jordan. PJ I kinda figured had it coming, but Jordan? Dude, they guy they should run out there is Abe Pollin. But as is the case with rich folk and who have the power, even if they're twisted and a bunch of liars like my former boss, they hold the cards.

So who's next? Here are a few of the possible coaches whose heads could roll...

Lawrence Frank (New Jersey)
In six years with the Nets, Frank has won 197 games and lost 183 for a .518 percentage. In the post-season, he's 18-20.
While they might not be that bad, after an upward climb in his first three years, the wins have plummeted in the next three 41 to 34 and he has 6 so far in 12 games this season.
While he starts the season for the first time without Jason Kidd, there is still pressure to hike those wins and make the post-season.
Any protracted tailspin and he just might be out after that.

Maurice Cheeks (Philadelphia)
In four years with Philadelphia, he's won 120 games and lost 140. He's made the play-offs once where they lost in six games and has never had a winning season at the City of Brotherly Love. Even with Allen Iverson.
Iverson thrived with Denver as his arrival boosted the team's win total in the two plus years he was there. So it only goes to show that he works well with good players. The one difference here is that his arrival in Denver was years 10 years after he made his league debut and he has learned to pass the ball and know that he wasn't the top dog in Mile High City but Carmelo Anthony.
Despite the blockbuster signing of Elton Brand, the Sixers are actually struggling and are only a .500 team. The difference between this year's Sixers and the ones with Iverson is that they have some pretty good players.
So they need to make the play-offs or Cheeks is gone.

Randy Wittman (Minnesota)
Yes the Timberwolves are winning more games by the year. But if they ever hit 50-wins theoretically its three years from now. And that begets the question, will this team be patient enough to develop their young talent and surround it with veterans to get them over the hump?
But Wittman, the former Atlanta Hawk and Indiana Hoosier, just might be saved this year because Minnesota is one of those wastelands that the NBA needs for top dog fodder.
If they don't make any progress this year.... at least by tens wins -- that's from last year's 22-32, then it's time once more for a change. The sad thing is what this team needs is a change in the front office.

Mike Brown (Cleveland)
You might be wondering... what the F? Why is he listed here when the Cavs rule the Central Division?

There are those who will claim that Brown is lucky to have LeBron James as a player otherwise this team will be the Los Angeles Clippers (now that's a team that needs an ownership change if anyone needed one). While I disagree to a certain point, unfortunately for Brown, it's not up to me.

'Bron could bolt Cleveland in two years time and New York is a sound destination as any.
If this team flames out in the playoffs, the higher-ups might decide that they need a stronger coach to take them to the next level.
Who will that be?

Please. Anyone but PJ Carlesimo. This guy ought to be outlawed from coaching.

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