Someone asked me how my blog and newspaper column came to be titled "Bleachers Brew". It's like this, it's an amalgam of sorts of two things: The bleachers area in the stadium/arena where I used to sit when I would watch baseball, football, and basketball games and Miles Davis' great jazz album Bitches Brew. That's how it got culled together. I originally planned on calling it "The View from the Big Chair" that is a nod to Tears For Fear's second album, Songs from the Big Chair. So there.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

KG on the world game

(Excerpt taken from Sports Illustrated)

Arash Marzaki:
There's a big fantasy basketball component in NBA 2K9, which is great for those who want to fantasize about being Kevin Garnett or playing for the Celtics. Is there anything that you would fantasize being if life were a game?

Kevin Garnett: That's a good question. I would want to be a superhero or a soccer player. I'm infatuated with soccer, with their skill level and what they're able to do, and obviously a superhero brings a lot to the table. I mean, you'd be super and a hero. You can't beat that.

Arash Marzaki: OK, I get the whole superhero thing. But why soccer?

Kevin Garnett: It's a giving sport where you have to play collectively to do well. I like that. I've always looked to set that man up but at the same time have the ability to score. I'd be like [Brazilian star] Kaká. You know Kaká sets up people, but at the same time, his skill level is uncanny and he can score himself. I'm big into being diverse. Diversity is good. I feel that if you have the option of saying you can do five-to-six different things and be great at all of them, that says a lot about you.

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