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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sideline slants on Game 1

Nonoy Baclao was summoned to the Commissioner's Office after the game because La Salle complained of his trash talking. The reason why Nonoy let out so much emotion is that as soon as Rico Maierhofer checked into the game, he began gabbing. You know, he talks so much he should be a television show host. Give him a show. By the way, when he was asked how many semesters more before he was finished in school by Mhel Garrido, it took him two minutes to answer.

Noy was apologetic about it. But you should hear these guys as well as those on their bench. Give them a Most Courteous Award. People play the press to be politically correct but these games aren't about sportsmanship. They are about oneupsmanship.

There is nothing ever cordial about these games.

And they complain that they got bum calls? They had plenty of help. Two of the fouls called on Chris were not fouls at all. And even a couple by Nonoy were dubious. Their tactics were obvious. Bump, push, and throw them off their rhythm. Their press worked? Of course it did, they got away with a lot of handchecking and grabbing. I should videotape the whole game from my vantage point.

Nonoy was called for using his arms when he curled around his defender. Yup, foul all right. But Jayvee Casio does that a lot. Ditto with Jervy Cruz but they are hardly called for that.

Chill lang. Just play the game.

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