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Friday, May 30, 2008

Since we're on the topic of flopping

Now that the NBA is studying how to penalize floppers (boy, Vlade Divac sure is glad he isn't around today), here's something I want to see:

- A technical foul on NBA refs for terrible officiating. Not that I'm dissing the San Antonio Spurs, dudes. But in Game 5 against the Lakers, there was one sequence where Fabricio Oberto literally joins GK as he sets up house inside the paint for 10 seconds! Yes, I counted (that was in the fourth quarter). Those who whine that D-Fish should have been whistled for a foul then know that your point sucks because the refs should have reset the shot clock in the previous play before the ball went off Robert Horry's leg.

Who said that NBA refs are the best in the world? That's a myth.

- Instant replay in football and baseball. The refs muck up too many plays. Haven't you wondered why everyone in the house can see differently while the ref sees it another way? Some people have been toying around with the idea of placing a microchip inside a football so that when it crosses the goal line it will sound off. Does it take away from the refs? Nope. If they did their job better -- like Graham Poll who as referee should know how to count and not embarrass himself in front of the whole world -- then we wouldn't be talking abut this. And in case you want to talk about point shaving, review the tape between FEU and NU in the second round of last year's UAAP season.

- Penalize footballers who take a dive. Football's equivalent of NBA floppers. The Italian team are experts that teams wondered aloud during the last World Cup if they were up against a bunch of swimmers. The Azzurri can give the Chinese divers a dive for their money. And they say that pro wrestling is an act.

Manu: "Hey, ref! It was all ball."

Joey Crawford: "Right. Boozer's balls."

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