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Friday, April 18, 2008

Where's Rick?

I have every single issue of one of the world's most annually anticipated issues since Paulina Porizkova graced their covers. And this was before she met Ric Ocasek! Bwahahaha!

And this begs the same question when people are asked when they buy Playboy (the American edition not the local, dummy), do they read it all or do they just look at the pictures?

Sure I do. Every since about a decade ago when Sports Illustrated began to shoot in multiple locations, they have written travelogues that arguably are the granddaddy of today's travel magazines. For real.

But what changed for readers and pervs this year? No rick Reilly. Where's he at? Is he done sipping pinacolladas with super models?

The last page was by former ESPN Sportscenter Anchor Dan Patrick who moved to SI recently. And it was Dan Patrick on Danica Patrick who posed for this issue.

But what were the cool spreads? Heidi Klum with Will Ferrell for a special tie-in with Semi-Pro, Jessica Gomes, Jarah Mariano, Marisa Miller, and Irina Shayk. They featured some NFL Cheerleaders here but am not much of a fan since Aja left the Philadelphia Eagles after the 2004 season.

But where's Rick Reilly?

By June 1, 2008, he'll be in the pages of ESPN the Magazine (moving after 22 years with SI). That's where.

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