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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Playoff Change is in the Air

If coaches and team officials truly want to change the current NBA playoff format, they are going to get their opportunity this summer after the season's done. "Though I think it is unlikely anything will happen, we will explore it fully," said commissioner David Stern.

There have been several different proposals have been discussed the last couple of years. One is to re-seed teams in each conference after each round - one that is gaining popularity among the top tier teams. Another is for the playoffs to include the 16 top teams in the league, regardless of conference affiliation and simply seed them one through 16. The latter sounds like a joke because that renders the conference barriers irrelevant.

I'm actually not crazy about these changes because it gives the better teams a chance to play the lower seeded teams and move on. All this re-seeding will be done for television ratings and money.

Keep the current format. It's too bad that teams like Phoenix might be given the boot after the first round, but them's the breaks.

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