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Friday, April 11, 2008

On the SBP-BAP matter

Someone asked me the other day why I stopped writing about stuff like the PCU problem and the SBP-BAP row and my answer was simple, "I don't enjoy writing about bad news." The scoop is fine -- the good Lord knows I have been blessed with a number of them -- but that isn't all there is.

I'd rather look into humorous ones, historical tomes, and feel-good stories. We have enough columnists and writers who write about Pacquiao ad infinitum.

But I did ask around regarding the SBP-BAP row and here it is:

On Pato Gregorio's resignation, here's the general consensus of three people (in the know) I spoke with:
"We wondered if he was the right person for the job. I guess Noli Eala knew who he was that's why he recommended him. Unfortunately, Pato liked to talk more than actually really do something. Parang minsan he was playing both sides. Puro name dropping left and right. Many of the structures that are in place there have existed before. Nadagdagan lang. There was nothing novel in what he did. He says he resigned because of the politics? Why get into it in the first place? Even before he came on board, it was already rife with politicking and infighting. How different is that from the government on a macro level and even a dysfunctional family on a micro level? He could have done more with less talk and more actions. "

On the coming SBP-BAP elections"
"At this point the BAP submitted a list of 66 leagues or associations. However, they have not complied with various requirements that were in place when this whole thing started. They lack the pre-requisite three-year tournament operational status and registration with SEC among others. So what numbers they are talking about we don't know. But we don't know what other cards they have up their sleeve."

One BAP official said that they will capitalize on "Gregorio's weaknesses and (Manny) Pangilinan's lack of a stomach for grind-it-out-politics" to seize the NSA once more."

I have not spoken with Pato Gregorio regarding this matter (I texted and got no reply yet) and BAP Proxy Butch Pichay promised an interview but hasn't fixed a time and day for it. Of course, you'll see it in the pages of the paper I write and here in the blog when I am able to do so.

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