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Monday, April 21, 2008

Liga Pilipinas format

Liga Pilipinas in its efforts to bring a fresh and vibrant concept in regional basketball is continuing its refinement of the format. It is in the final stages of developing a format that will ensure both excitement in the games and efficiency in its operations. The format will be a first in basketball — anywhere in the world. It will be a hybrid format inspired by the successful aspects of the formats of such leagues as the Euroleague, UEFA, and the European and PGA Golf Tours.

Exciting and yet operationally efficient. Providing a platform that will push a team to perform at its best all the time since all games will have an impact on the team's chances to acheive further success in the tournament.

The format will feature a series of weekly concentrated tournament legs to be held in each of the homecourts of the participating teams at its onset. Each of the weekly legs will see a leg winner at the end of each week. The leg champion shall not only get the distinction of being declared leg
champion, the team shall also get points that will later account for positional advantage during the Liga Pilipinas National championship.

Leg winners will also get cash prizes as an additional reward.

The format will lessen the expenses incurred for travelling and accommodations since each home team will host one tournament leg rather then travel constantly during the initial stages of the tournament. A home and away format shall then be used during the National championship phase.

The format shall also provide a more concentrated platform for building community and fan affinity for the teams and league sponsors as a series of immersion activities are set to be done during the week-long tournament.

The format is conceptualized in line with Liga objectives of providing fresh, dynamic and efficient ideas.

Format itself is simple - easy for the public to understand --, economical -- cuts costs for the league, teams, sponsors and television partners -- and dynamic -- gives incentives and discourages mediocrity. It also satisfies the appetite of Pinoys for "championships" and quick winners thus, reducing no-bearing games.

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