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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Love is the Answer

(photos from NBA/Getty Images)

I can't say that I'm an Allen Iverson fan what with his less than savory character. Yet incredibly, I purchased a DVD (original, dummy) of the Answer at Best Buy. I even have those SLAM issues with Iverson on the cover including the one where he wore an afro that arguably ignited the retro movement. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for the Philadelphia 76ers which is my original fave NBA team before my allegiances went to the midwest team from the Second City.

He was and will always be an incredible player. How he manages to get his shot off against bigger guys has got to be one of the most amazing feats in the NBA.

I guess almost from the beginning, I didn't think Allen would be with Philadelphia forever. Remember this is the team that dealt away some really great players in Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone, and Charles Barkley. And they nearly sent Julius Erving elsewhere to make his house calls. His punk attitude that led to run ins with his coaches and the city certainly guaranteed that the Answer was going to be shipped out.

Let no one tell you anything different but Iverson was surrounded by some really good players. But because of their collective egos (including that doofus Larry Brown) they couldn't agree that a Larry O'Brien trophy was worth more than scoring titles or statistics that no one will remember save for the people who need to get a life instead of memorizing numbers.

It was nice to see the reception Allen Iverson got at the Wachovia Center. That was respect for what he did during his decade-plus tenure in the City of Brotherly Love. Didn't it give you goose bumps to see the crowd's roar get louder with his every gesture? And to see Mo Cheeks embrace his former player... what's it going to take for this long-suffering franchise to win another title? But on this night, perhaps for Philadelphians, it was a play-off atmosphere as the Sixers eked out a 115-113 win as Allen missed a shot with the game clock winding down.

I guess that in a nutshell was Allen Iverson's stay in Philly... a missed opportunity. But thanks anyway, Allen.

Post script: The Sixers seem to have recovered their late season form from last year. After competing with the Chicago Bulls for the right to own the East's cellar, Mo Cheek's team is now in seventh place at an even 34-34. And they figure to get tougher. You gotta love the way this team runs.

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