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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ye good old dyaryo drive!

Trina Alejo is a friend of mine and she's helped me out in two of my video projects: one, the Ateneo Men's Football Three-peat video (I am looking for a way to upload that here kasi it's in DVD format eh wala akong converter) and two, Making A World of Difference (an AVP-DVD for foreign students to get them to enroll in ADMU; it's way cool! Wait for it to appear in my other blog the11-25pages). Trina also helps out our good friends Mico Halili and my old classmate Gary Villanueva over at Halikinu Radio. Maybe some of you can help out here.

By the way, this is open also to non-Ateneo students and alumni. Thanks ya'll!

Ad majorem dei Gloriam.


I am Trina Alejo, AB Com 2007. I really need your help.

My fourth year high school adviser, Mr. Ed Abodiles, is in Makati Med. He suffered renal failure last week and was advised to undergo kidney transplant the soonest possible time.

Mr. Abodiles is a bachelor taking care of a mother who herself had just undergone dialysis last week and a handicapped brother. A younger brother is left the task of taking care of the sick mother and brother in LaTrinidad, Benguet.

My fourth year classmates and I decided to help in our own little way. That's why we decided to have a newspaper drive. The money that will come out of it may not be enough but it will help his cause.

If you have old newspapers, handouts, any kind of paper - please please donate it to our cause. I'll personally get it from you. Just text me at 0917-8035785 so I can get them.

Actually, kahit anong pwedeng mabenta - bakal, aluminum, glass, old computer monitors, drum ng tubig, anything, ibigay niyo na sa akin! We really need money as soon as possible. Cash and/or check donations are also welcome.

Please don't hesitate to forward this to your other yahoogroups.

If you don't have anything to donate, there will be a concert for our teacher's benefit on October 5. Please buy tickets for that.

I may sound desperate and I apologize for that...but we really love our teacher and we really want to help him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Please spread the word.

God bless everyone.

Katrina Alejo
AB Com 2007

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