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Friday, September 14, 2007

Denial... sus

SPORTS UPDATE: I've just been informed STI beat UM for the NAASCU Men's Basketball crown. The game was tight until a call in the game's final moments saw a UM Hawk charge and punch the referee. My STI source says that they are now accepting applications for new member schools.

Amazing how they reacted to what I posted below in PEX. It's not even being anti-DLSU. I used to have so much respect for your basketball team, but in the last few years...

And by the way, don't confuse that with the school.

Back in 1991, when the UAAP board chose to replay the finals when you went up against FEU, Ateneo voted against it. Why? Because it was immaterial and had no bearing on the outcome. That three-peat was rightfully La Salle's. I even went to the Araneta Coliseum that day hoping the Green Archers would show up and clobber the Tamaraws, but the team and its supporters didn't. That was a dark day indeed, handing out a trophy that was hollow and meaningless. IMHO, FEU shouldn't even have accepted that trophy. After all, they won it in the boardroom.

When we beat UE in 1987, Jerry Codinera played several more minutes on five fouls and it was close game. You bet we would have protested that. It's uncanny how the table officials allowed Codinera to still play. Luckily, we still won.

But back to your boorish behaviour.

Do you even remember your Friendship Caravan after you won your first UAAP title? When you passed by all the UAAP schools and taunted them? So much for friendship. Well, FEU knocked you around silly for that and rightfully so. See what I mean?

So you all deny the win-at-all-costs mantra of your team officials and boosters? It's a tragic joke that has even divided your community. Tapos meron pang pa-shut up writers like me. Ayos.

They say that the "suspended" or "sus" banners are classless? They are not. They are witty and are far from rude or tasteless. If it isn't funny on your part then it hits home. And how short some people's memories are! In 1988, you had your "Blue-eggless" banners. And more recently, you had "Taeneo" shirts for sale that some "classless" people on your side still wear to games. While we thought it was really uncouth, we didn't call anyone's attention to it. Mas nakakahiya yung may suot noon di ba?

Waittaminute... I've got something in my eye. Oops, here's my middle finger for those hypocrites.

I don't even want to talk about those much hyped-up Ateneo vs. La Salle games anymore. We're actually sick and tired of you guys whether we win or we lose. Time was when the teams played merong asaran, but when the game was done hanggang doon na lang. Your former point guard Mike Huang used to even hang out with the Blue Eagles during the season. Yes, the games meant something but there was a mutual respect between the two.

Even when we lost last year to UST it was an amazing season for all the teams. We didn't even miss a beat without you guys. If ABS-CBN lost some sponsors' money then a little more money spread around to other endeavors never hurt anyone. Sure it would have been fun having La Salle there. Why not? Even if Ateneo weren't in the league life would go on. We are no bigger than the league which has nicely come around what with schools having their own cheering squads and all. That's cool. The asaran and trash talk is part of the game. But we draw the line at cheating and trying to deliberately hurt others.

As I said, instead of being repentant, maangas pa kayo.

Sports lang, dudes.

Damn. I'm not going to say anything anymore about this. I'm just soooo sick and tired of your boorishness. Maybe next time you pull more shit like that, maybe it's time you guys get expelled.

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